Zimbabwe Being Run By A Kleptomaniac Government, Says Biti

Outspoken Citizens Coalition for Change legislator for Harare East and former Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, says Zimbabwe is in the hands of kleptomaniacs hence there is a need for citizens to vote ZANU PF out of power in the upcoming general elections expected later this year.

Biti was speaking to in Ward 9 Tafara, where he was conducting a door-to-door campaign as the opposition party prepares for general elections. He said:

It’s urgent that there is Change and transformation in Zimbabwe. We are run by kleptomania, a government (that) steals and steals and cannot look after its poor. Mthuli Ncube has failed and failed in absolute terms.

According to Mayo Clinic, kleptomania is a mental health disorder that involves repeatedly being unable to resist urges to steal items that you generally don’t really need.

Recently, American economist Steve Hanke said Zimbabwe’s inflation currently stands at 666%.

Hanke also named Zimbabwe as the most miserable country in the world and said “ZANU PF operates more like a political Mafia than a political party.”

Meanwhile, Biti said he has a track record in leadership and “has been in the struggle since 1986 as a student.” He said:

Harare East has the national duty of returning Tendai Biti to Parliament so he can continue working for the country.

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