Konrad Adenauer Foundation Set To Launch Climate Change Book

By Anyway Yotamu

HARARE – Germany based Konrad Adenauer Foundation in a collaborative effort with its Zimbabwean office and KAS Programme on Energy Security and Climate Change based in Nairobi is set to launch a publication entitled, “Media Perception on Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa,” next week in Harare.

In a press statement the Foundation said it was a firm believer in the involvement of a multiplicity of actors in its quest for a greener future and that the media play a crucial role to achieve that.

“The Konrad Adenauer Foundation has been working on Climate Change and Policy in Zimbabwe with support from the Climate Change Department under the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry and other development partners. The foundation is a strong believer in multi-sectoral approach to solving the climate change crises both locally and beyond. The foundation believes that amongst a coalition of actors, the media could play a fundamental role in the fight towards a greener future and that is why it supported the research on “Media Perceptions on Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa”.

“This launch brings together two critical sectors in which we are actively involved in Zimbabwe. The foundation has been working in both Climate Change and Energy policy space and the Media Sector in Zimbabwe. We remain committed to partnering with government and non-state actors in both sectors added, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Resident Director Anna Hoffman.

Information Minister ,Monica Mutsvagwa and Germany Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Udo Volvz will officiate at the ceremony.

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