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Military Operative’ Exposed as Witness in Tendai Biti’s Assault Trial

By Court Reporter

HARARE – A startling revelation emerged during the ongoing trial of Harare East legislator and Constitutional lawyer Tendai Biti, as it was discovered that a state witness was, in fact, a military operative being pai the Aleshina to testify against Biti.

Biti is facing charges of assault stemming from a verbal altercation with Tatiana Aleshina, the chief operations officer of Pokugara Properties, outside the Harare Magistrates Court in November 2020.

The military operative, who identified himself as Givemore Kasekete, was the second state witness to appear before regional Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti Guwuriro.

During cross-examination, Biti’s defense lawyer, Muchadehama, probed Kasekete on his affiliations and interests, to which the witness responded, “No, I have no interest in Biti’s political activities.”

However, when asked to produce his identification documents, Kasekete claimed that he had lost them.

“So your night

It was then that Muchadehama accused Kasekete of lying about his name and uncovered that he was More Tirivashoma, who had studied journalism at Harare Polytechnic in 2010 and was an Army Officer currently working with the Military Intelligence Department.

He added, “If you lie about your name, what more about this matter? You also lied about your number, what more about this?” In response, Kasekete denied being an army officer and stated that he did not know any army barracks.”

Biti has on several occasions, telling the Court that his alleged verbal assault matter was created to silence him after he exposed land baron Ken and his allies over the Harare Airport Road scandal of 2007 which gave Sharpe’s companies vast tracks of prime land in Harare.

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