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Former President Robert Mugabe’s Daughter In US$80 Million Divorce Battle

By Staff Reporter

HARARE – The divorce case between the daughter of the late former President Robert Mugabe and her husband has given a glimpse of the staggering wealth allegedly amassed by the family – including residential properties worth almost US$80 million.

Bona Mugabe, 33, filed for divorce from former airline pilot Simba Mutsahuni Chikore in March, and asked for the division of assets to be dealt with in a separate court case.

According to the court papers filed by Chikore on 28 April in response to those of Bona Mugabe.

He demands joint custody of the couple’s three children and a share of the assets, which he says include at least 21 farms, some of which were acquired by the Mugabe family during the contentious takeover of white-owned farms about two decades ago, and despite the government’s “one-man one-farm” policy.

Chikore also lists 25 residential properties, including a mansion in Dubai – with a total value of around $80m, luxury vehicles, farming equipment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

He says the assets were acquired solely and jointly during their marriage, through inheritance and donations from the late president for work carried out on his behalf.

He adds that the assets he has listed are a drop in the ocean, compared to the wealth Mugabe owns outright.

Zimbabweans have reacted with shock and outrage to the extent of the wealth allegedly amassed by just one of Mugabe’s children.

Bona has not commented on the claims but will have an opportunity to do so.

George Charamba, who was President Mugabe’s spokesman and now serves in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office, denied that the couple owned 21 farms.

“All Agricultural Land belongs to the State, with farmers using it on LEASE BASIS,” he tweeted.

He added that no-one should “build any politics or arguments around so-called 21 farms allegedly owned by Cde Bona and her estraged hubby”.

It is unclear when the divorce case – before a court in the capital, Harare – will end.

Mugabe and Chikore got married at a lavish wedding described as wedding of the century in 2014 that was attended by several African heads of state – and was broadcast live on state television Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC).

President Mugabe died in September 2019 at the age of 95, reportedly without leaving a will. He is survived by his wife Grace, Bona, two sons and a step-son.

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