Albert Nyathi Faces Arrest

By Staff Reporter

HARARE – A disgruntled Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) board member Phillip Chipfumbu with the support of other members of the beleaguered association has filed a fraud case against the Albert Nyathi-chaired organisation.

The ‘theft/abuse of association funds’ case was filed yesterday at Harare Central Police Station under IR 042092 . Those implicated include ZIMURA executive director Polisiwe Ncube, her deputy Henry Makombe, chairperson Albert Nyathi, vice chairperson First Farai and the association’s spokesperson Alexio Gwenzi.

The development comes after an explosive press conference by the board member, Phillip Chipfumbu where he barred it all how the association has lost its mandate due to “alleged capture’ by Polisiwe Ncube.

He says the association funds are being squandered by the named individuals while the intended beneficiaries are wallowing in poverty.

” Money from the association is being abused by these few individuals who are always holed up in hotels and gobbling travel allowances.
” My heart bleeds for the musicians and their families who are failing to get a dime from the association, “fumed Chipfumbu.

He said his fight was not lone but only that some of the board members are still to muster courage to speak out.

Some musicians who attended the press conference registered their displeasure at the association for failing to cater for their welfare.

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