Court Delays Frustrate Job Sikhala’s Wife


HARARE – Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) member Job Sikhala’s wife, Ellen Sikhala, has expressed her frustration with the judiciary system over the continued delays of her husband’s case.

Job Sikhala, a member of the opposition party, was arrested in June 2022 and has been in detention ever since, he faces charges of inciting public violence during the funeral of murdered CCC activist Moreblessing Ali, a charge which he denies.

Speaking during an event organized by human rights advocacy groups Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum and Southern Defenders in Harare yesterday, Ellen described the situation as stressful and shameful to the nation and the world.

“It is confusing to spend the whole day roaming around the courts with nothing materialising or materialistic happening. “Just like today (yesterday), we have been at court since morning but nothing to please.”

Ellen went on to criticize the court’s frequent postponements, which she described as “dilly-dallying around the law.”

She expressed hope that her husband would remain safe in the “horrible cells” where he is currently being held.

“It is a place that he is not supposed to be, but our hands are tied. Even for the kids, they are becoming impatient now. Sometimes it’s hard to explain things to them.” said Ellen

The judiciary has come under criticism in recent years for its handling of political cases, with opposition members often facing lengthy detentions and trials a situation described by CCC as persecution of opposition.

The government has denied any wrongdoing and insists that the judiciary is independent.

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