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Ken Sharpe’s Aide, Aleshina Exposed for Fabricating Assault Against Biti

By Court Reporter

HARARE – Controversial land baron Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s business associate, Tatiana Aleshina refused to answer questions during a cross examination at the Harare magistrates court on Friday in a case where she is accusing top lawyer Tendai Biti of assaulting her.

Aleshina who was being cross examined by Biti’s lawyer, Alec Muchadehama, declined to respond to a number of questions pertaining to her shoddy business dealings involving controversial company Augur Investments OU which she used to defraud City of Harare vast tracks of prime land worth US$2 million.

“Can you confirm that your company Augur Investments OU entered in agreement with City of Harare to Construct Harare Airport Road in 2007 but failed to do the work and you demanded huge tracks of land from that?”, Muchadehama said.

“Your Worship I do not want to answer questions about Augur Investments OU.

“I cannot discuss it; I have no authority to talk about it. I have no authority to talk about it.” Aleshina said

The verbal assault charges are intricately linked to a number of cases involving Augur Investments OU, West Properties and Pokugara Properties where Biti was representing his clients.

Biti is representing companies that are suing Augur Investments OU for fraud.

“The questions I am asking about Augur are relevant to the case and I want to prove that the complainant is capitalising on the accused to get back to him for his role in representing companies that are suing the complainant,” Muchadehama said.

In response, Aleshina declined to answer the lawyer’s question.

“I will not be able to answer questions which are not linked to the assault case, i am here for the assault case and i am mother of 5,” she said.

Aleshina also failed to explain about her controversial business dealings and her nationality.

“Can you confirm to the Court that you’re a Russian national?”, Muchadehama asked.

“I was born and grew up in Ukraine but i have a Russian Passport”, said Aleshina.

Sharpe who’s facial a litany of charges before the Courts raging from money laundering, corruption and fraud is currently at large.

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