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Biti’s lawyer expose Ken Sharpe’s aide corrupt tendencies

By Court Reporter

Harare East legislator and former Finance minister Tendai Biti’s lawyer Aleck Muchadehama of Mbizvo, Makoni and Muchadehama Associates has exposed controversial Ukrainian national Tatiana Aleshina’s corrupt tendencies of running shoddy companies.

Aleshina claims to have been verbally assaulted by Biti outside Harare Magistrate Courts in November 2020, Biti has denied the allegations saying it’s a campaign to silence him and prevent him from representing his clients who has been defrauded by Aleshina and her associates.

During a cross examination by Muchadehama, Aleshina failed to explain about her controversial business dealings and her true nationality.

“Can you confirm to the Court that you’re a Russian national?”, Muchadehama asked.

“I was born and grew up in Ukraine but i have a Russian Passport”, said Aleshina.

“Can you confirm that your company Augur Investments OU entered in agreement with City of Harare to Construct Harare Airport Road in 2007 but failed to do the work and you demanded huge tracks of land from that?”,


Can you confirm that you’re a Russian…..

No i have a Russian Passport but i was born in Ukraine.

So you’re Ukrainian?

Yes but i have a Russian Passport.

Can you confirm that you’re COO of Augur Investments OU?

Yes i can confirm.

Which country did Augur incoperated?

Your Worship i do not want to answer to question about Augur Investments.

The State is objecting generally but he proceeded to confine myself to what i must cross examine the Witness.

The State have presented his case and the accused person should also present his case.

In the defense outline the accused person has said it was not about the assault but it is about the Augur Investments, West Properties, Fairclot Investments.

And to the bulk of that evidence the accused person has already mentioned that as he is representing his clients in other cases which includes George Katsimberis and Fairclot Investments.

The assault case is just an opportunistic and how politicians took an opportunity to fix the accused person.

It seems Tatiana Aleshina has been told what to say during my cross examination.

The case has nothing to do with assault but the matter is emanating from Augur Investments.


So you don’t know where Augur Investments is incoperated.

Sorry i don’t want to speak about Augur Investments OU.

So you can not dismiss that Augur is a bogus company?

No i don’t speak on behalf of Augur i am the COO of West Properties

I have no authority to represent Augur?
I know about Augur if i want to represent it?

So you’re not associated with Augur in any business process.

In regard to the accused person you know him in a George Katsimberis case.

Yes i know him generally.

And you knew he was George Katsimberis legal representative?

Yes i knew.

I saw him at the High Court.

So you didn’t know that he was involved in Augur Investments vs George Katsimberis.

No i saw him once at the High Court and then here at the Magistrate Court.

So you lied to the Court that you didn’t know Biti before 30 November 2020.

So you assume it was Tendai Biti who assaulted you as the person was in mask?

No i saw him and i assume he was Tendai Biti.

So it was not him you saw at the High Court.

I just saw someone with George Katsimberis and assume it was Tendai Biti.

Sorry i was at the High Court and saw someone and i assume it was Tendai Biti, I was attending a Case in State vs George Katsimberis.

After you saw him at High Court

So you’re lied that you saw him on November 30, 2020.

I don’t want to answer irrelevant question.

I suggest that you are lying that you saw Biti at these Courts?

Not true.

You said you’re not involved about Augur Investments and approached Sekesai Makwavarara as an investor and your were representing Augur Investments OU to the City of Harare.

So you’re linked to Augur Investments OU and other creation companies?

Am not able to speak on behalf of Augur Investments and am here for the assault case.

So can you confirm that you were party of the Harare Airport Road with City of Harare and Augur Investments?

I don’t want to speak about Augur now.

Are you aware that Augur did not develop Airport Road the contract it entered with City of Harare?

I don’t want to speak about Augur.

Augur is a bogus company and you created it through your alter ego?

Itself false Your Worship?

Is it correct that you’re Augur Investments?

I don’t understand the nature of this question.

Is that not correct that you’re part of the creation companies which includes West Properties, Augur Investments OU?

I don’t know about these companies sir.

So you know that Augur Investments OU did not deliver anything from Airport Road deal?

I will not be able to answer questions which is noy assault case.

You’re also aware not withstanding the contract you failed to deliver other contracts?

Tatiana Aleshina…….

Am not representing Augur Investments OU and am not able to speak.

Sorry am not Augur Investments, am Tatiana Aleshina.


You’re aware that Augur subcontracted Fairclot and failed to pay the company.

Tatiana Aleshina……..

Sorry am not representing Augur Investments OU.


If Augur failed to built Harare Airport Road but paid huge piece of Land? it was fraud?

Tatiana Aleshina………

I don’t want to answer to those questions.

So if subcontracted Fairclot and Augur failed to pay Fairclot, it will be fraudulent?

Yes it will be bad, but i cannot be able to answer you.

Right now Augur is currently battling with Fairclot at the High Court?

No am not able to represent Augur Investments and am here as an investor i don’t want to seat in Court and listed to this nonsense.

You Worship the protection of the Court

I don’t have to respond to questions related to Augur Investments OU.

If Augur get land for doing nothing to use your words, it’s bad?

I don’t want to answer to those questions.

Am refusing to answer to questions relating to Augur Investments.

Augur is your creation through your alter ego and you’re the one who own all the land that Augur stole from City of Harare are registered in the name of West Properties and other properties?

West Properties develops the land and we have Title Deeds.

So West Properties get all the land from Augur to hide the loot?

No am not representing West Properties and am here representing myself and I have 5 kids.

There’s relationship between West Properties and Augur Investments OU.

No am not here to answer questions related to Augur Investments OU.

I also suggest that West Properties is also your creation to loot?

No i never created anything your Worship, I have mo right to answer to those questions, am here for an assault case.

Do you agree that West Properties did not buy the land independently?

Sorry am the witness for Assault case not representing Augur Investments OU or West Properties am here as Tatiana Aleshina.

You’re the one fronting all the companies were the accused person is representing his clients.?

I refused to talk about Augur Investments OU or West Properties.

Do you ever written any letters representing Augur Investments OU.

I don’t remember, am not allowed to talk about Augur Investments OU and am refusing to answer.

Have you ever written any letters representing companies associated to City of Harare?

Your Worship i have written a lot of letters to City of Harare.

Can i be correct to say , you as a representative of Augur Investments OU you have signed to various Court Affidavits representing Augur Investments OU in matters were the accused person is a Defense lawyer there?

I do not want to talk about that.

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