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Police protects Minister Kazembe’s hitman

By Simon Banga

BINDURA – Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe’s alleged hitman Isheunesu “Chief Saunyama ” Dzimbiti did not show up at Bindura magistrates courts on Thursday where he was supposed to answer to threats charges against Freelance journalist Simbarashe Sithole.

Media Insitute for Southern Africa (Misa) lawyer Alice Ndanatsiwa Mujakachi representing Sithole blasted the police for failing to follow proper channels of the law.

” l would like to express our displeasure at how the justice system wheels are being dragged. This is a classic case of justice delayed being justice denied.” she said.

Mujakachi further claimed that the manner in which police is handling the matter is scandalous.

“My client came to court timeously in the hopes that his case will finally be heard,only to hit a brick wall when the accused person failed to show up. What is more scandalous is the manner in which the police is said to have served the accused person to appear in court. Accused was served through his legal practitioners and not personal as per the law, this raise eyebrows on how this matter is being handled by the police,” she added.

Allegations are that Dzimbiti called Sithole on his mobile number sometime in June last year and threatened to assault the journalist who was writting Kazembe’s alleged corruption cases in Mazowe.

Since June last year the police has not been handling the matter in a good manner.

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