Chin’ono named among seven influential activists in Africa

By Staff Reporter 

Government critic and prominent freelance journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono has received recognition from Global Citizen, an international education and advocacy organisation for his outstanding work in activism and raising issues in Africa using social media.

The Global Citizen recognition comes barely two weeks after he received the International Anti-corruption Excellence Award in Qatar.

According to Global Citizens, the recognition is based on Chin’ono’s work in activism and raising issues in Africa using social media.

Chin’ono is among seven African activists who have been recognised by Global Citizen who shine spotlight on issues dogging African countries.

“While he continues to report on corruption and inequalities being witnessed in Zimbabwe, Chin’ono uses his social media accounts to shine a light on conflict and crisis in countries across the continent.

“He’s shared with his followers the developments of the crises in Eswatini, where there have been ongoing protests calling for democracy in the country; Ethiopia, where there’s a war continuing in the country’s northern region; Guinea, where there’s been political instability over the last few years resulting in a coup at the beginning of 2022, and more,” reads the announcement.

Chin’ono has been at the forefront of activism exposing graft in Zimbabwe using social media.


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