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Biti’s Trial exposed Tatiana Aleshina’s Corrupt Behavior

By Court Reporter

HARARE – The trial of Harare East legislator, Tendai Biti oncharges of allegedly verbally assaulting a ‘fraudster’ and West Properties COO, Tatiana Aleshina continues to open can of worms after the firebrand politician revealed damning details of how the complainant was instrumental in the execution of the Airport road construction.

Biti who is seeking referral of his matter to the Constitutional Court accused Aleshina of violating the Constitution by interfering with State institutions.”I read out an agreement signed by the complainant herself and Mr Warship Dumba chairperson of the Commission of inquiry done by the City of Harare.

Warship Dumba is not the only one that has received consideration from the complainant.”Where any individual pays to induce someone for a contract that inducement is known as a bribe.

The agreement between the complainant and Dumba is unlawful and is a bribe. How many other persons have been paid, it can only be answered by a forensic investigation of all the land that was given to Augur Investments for the Airport Road.

“Anyone in the position of the complainant who can engage in this level of corruption with the known cancerous effect of corruption in our country that all the authorities have spoken to it.

I can’t possibly be safe your worship because i don’t know who else she has paid because the evidence that I demonstrate is she pays people with valuable consideration, she has plenty of land.

The evidence that I lead is that she paid people to get several pieces of land, I don’t know who else has been paid therefore I need protection from such a person your worship”said Biti.He added “It’s also her reckless disregard to our own institutions.

The respondent is dealing with public institution city of Harare, Deeds office,Zimra, local government ministry and the ministry of finance. Courts, High Court, the Supreme Court, Zimbabwe Investment Authority now Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA).

She violates individuals, institutions then the laws of Zimbabwe including the urban councils act.

Harare regional magistrate Wongai Muchuchuti remanded the matter to Friday 2December for continuation of Biti’s testimony. – 263 Chat

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