Council official up for sexual harassment


By Staff Reporter

Mazowe Rural District council acting chief executive officer has come under fire for alleged sexual harassment after he reportedly interrogated a council bar woman whilst she was undressed in her bedroom.
Mr Admire Chikonamombe is reported to have gone on an inquiry over the operations of the council bar at Nzvimbo Growth point when the strange incident occurred leading to the filing of a police report.

The woman Mrs Barbra Tsvataga is also said to have escalated the issue with the ruling party provincial women league chairperson Tsitsi Gezi.
Though the police and Tsvataga were not readily available for comment, a source close to the developments told this publication that the CEO peeped through Tsvataga window when coincidentally she was just coming from the bathroom and naked.

However, despite noticing that she was undressed, Chikonamombe went on to quiz the woman about the operations of the bar whilst she was undressed which prompted Tsvataga to file sexual harassment charges against him.

“It is unfortunate Mrs Tsvataga is not around as she is not feeling well however circumstances are that on Sunday last week, Chikonamombe visited the council bar which is not operational at the meantime, though the previous owner did leave some people (Mrs Tsvataga) staying at the premise.

“Upon arriving at the bar, Chinokona went to open the curtain of a window in which Tsvataga was inside and naked as she was coming from the bath, however after noticing that she was undressed the CEO did not get bothered but rather started quizzing the woman about a lot of stuff whilst standing at the window” said the source.

This did not go well with Tsvataga who went on to file a report with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)
The case is still under investigation.

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