Pokugara never lose US$883.728 – Van Blerk
Michael John Van Blerk leaves Harare Magistrate Courts accompanied by Pokugara Properties legal advisor Denzil Malikwa.




By Court Reporter

Controversial justice fugitive Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s henchmen, Michael John Van Blerk has admitted that his former boss never prediduced or lost the US$883.728 which the company is claiming to a Harare based land developer Georgios Katsimberis.


Katsimberis is facing charges of fraud amounting to US$883.728 emanating from a botched joint venture agreement he entered into with Pokugara properties owner Ken Sharpe in 2016.


Former Pokugara properties managing director made the remarks during cross examination by Katsimberis’ lawyer Tawanda Kanengoni who had asked that how did the company arrived at the said amount when there was no obligation or agreement.


“Counsel there was a time we were at risk but it didn’t materialize, the company thought that the accused person might register the property in his name, under the agreement Pokugara didn’t lose it’s land worthy US$883.723”, said Van Blerk.


So it was Katsimberis who put money and is the one who lost money is Mr Katsimberis? asked Kanengoni and Van Blerk strongly agreed.


“My former boss didn’t say Pokugara Properties suffered $883.728 but it was the State that says so, as Pokugara Properties we never suffered predudicy but according to our Accountants there was a potential predudicy at the time”, said Van Blerk.

Katsimberis is accused of fraud for constructing a show house without City of Harare approved building plans. However, Katsimberis says he used valid and legit building plans. Also, he had already levelled malicious damage to property and perjury charges against his erstwhile partners Ken Sharpe, Van Blerk, City of Harare and Pokugara Properties team first for accepting his payments only to wriggle out of their business joint venture agreement.


The matter has been postponed to the 5th of July for trial continuation.

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