Bulawayo Restaurants Using Corpse Water to entice customers.


By Shelton Muchena and Desmond Nleya

MORTUARIES in Bulawayo are allegedly making a killing from selling water used from bathing corpses.

Restaurants and fast foods outlets are believed to be top bidders of the ‘precious’ commodity which is said to be used for enticing customers.

A snap survey carried by this publication indicated that 5 litres of the water is going for as much as $300.

“Amanzi ayesebenza bhuti. Phose wonke ama restaurants alapha koBulawayo asebenzisa wona ukuhuga ama customers ( This water is very useful my brother. Almost every restaurant uses this water to entice customers)”, said a lady who runs a restaurant in the CBD.

The lady who identified herself as MaNdlovu added that the water was either splashed in the restaurant or some drops put in the food itself.

Further investigations revealed that the water is also used by vendors at the market along Five Avenue.

“Nxa ungela manzi awesidumbu or imithandazo yamapostoli, kunzima ukuthola ama customers. Almost every vendor understands the importance of boosting their businesses,” said a vendor who refused to be named.

Pressed on how the water attracts customers, the vendor said it was spiritual.

“Normally the water creates what it is called customer loyalty. Once a customer buys from that restaurant, automatically he/ she gets so much attracted to the restaurant to an extent that even if he is not hungry he would find himself queuing to buy from that restaurant. Why don’t you ask yourself that what makes people to que at a certain restaurant while other restaurants are empty”, he asked.

A visit to the local mortuaries indicated that indeed the water was a sought after commodity by business people though the police details manning the facilities refused to disclose much.

“Mvura irikutengwa baba. Especially vana vadiki vhati yacho is around $400”, said a police officer manning one of the mortuaries at the local hospitals.

With the recent claims of people making money through cutting of toes in Harare, one is left with questions if ever there is clean money or it is only mysterious stories emanating from social media.

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