Sport tournament to fight drug abuse



HARARE – A soccer tournament hosted by ZiCHIRe, Zimbabwe Community Health Intervention Research is set to avail a platform to fight the surge in drug abuse through the organisation’s flagship brotha2brotha initiative.

The use of sport in alleviating drug use departs from the traditional strategies of discussions and conferences.

“Using sport is an initiative that takes a different approach as through soccer you can communicate and try to get many boys and young men than getting them to sit in a conventional setup like a classroom discussion.”Rumbidzai C Muparutsa, Hopely ZiCHIRe Brotha2Brotha leader

The tournament should avail an opportunity for men and boys to realise knowledge on drugs while availing them a relaxed environment through sport.

“We are trying to avail them with something they can relate to like soccer or any other sport or entertainment and at the same time spread the message that drugs and substance abuse is not only dangerous to themselves but to society at large.” Muparutsa also said.

The tournament will also utilise entertainment as a mode of addressing the challenges of drugs as it remains a key youth interest and conveyor of youth interest and needs.

“We are also going to have a back to back mentorship session and entertainment program as the soccer progresses so that the event does not become monotonous or continuous as young people do not have a continuous attention span. It’s like a modern way of meeting them halfway.” The Brotha2Brotha hopely also said.

Drug Abuse remains a perennial challenge especially among the youth who owing to the labor challenges, cheap intoxication alternatives and an arguably continually fructuous cultural milieu.

The move tallies well with the global development agenda of leaving no-one behind and more specifically operationalization of the Zimbabwe National Drug Master Plan (ZNDMP 2020 to 2025) and Treatment and Rehabilitation Guidelines of Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder of Zimbabwe (TRGASUD ZIM).

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