Businessman in court for criminal nuisance



By Court Reporter


Harare businessman John Tayler has been dragged to court to answer to criminal nuisance charges.


The 72-year-old was allegedly caught peeping through a precast wall and taking pictures of a private residence belonging to Vanessa Evershed.


Tayler, who was on a horseback failed to explain his actions leading Evershed to file a report at Borrowdale police station.


Evershed, a single mother wrote in her sworn affidavit that Tayler’s actions were suspicious and disturbed her peace.


Tayler was not asked to plead when he appeared before a Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda on Tuesday.


Allegations are that on February 7, 2022 at around 9 am, Evershed noticed Tayler riding his horse up and down outside her residence in Borrowedale


The State further alleges that, Tayler went on to peep through the precast wall and took pictures without Evershed’s consent.


Evershed called for help and one o her work colleague Yitbarek Tekie showed up before he confronted Tayler.


Evershed also alleges that Tayler intended to harm her after she recently testified against him at an ongoing arbitration involving Tayler and Tekie.


Tayler and Tekie are reportedly fighting over ownership of a local stockfeed company.


Tayler has filed a counter claim for alleged attempted murder and animal cruelty against Evershed and Tekie.


The matter has been deferred to April 25, 2022 for trial.


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