Parents In Despair Over Increase In Drug Abuse



By Florence Zirima

HARARE – A significant number of parents are in despair due to the rate in which children are taking drugs. Most parents who spoke to this publication recently during a clean up campaign which was spearheaded by Youths Against Drug and Substance Abuse Zimbabwe (YADSAZ) in partnership with DNA Confidential Zimbabwe said key stakeholders should come on board to help children who are in drugs as their lives are at stake.

The clean up campaign started in Harare’s high density suburb of Highfields to OK Zindoga in Waterfalls and then OK shops in Houghton Park with the aim of raising awareness on drug abuse and complying with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s  call of cleaning the environment on every first Friday of each month.

Speaking to this publication on the sidelines of the event a mother who was desperate of help as her son’s life is in shamble due to drug abuse.

“My son is 35 years old and he lives in Mufakose.

As we speak right now, he is in a serious condition and I now fear that I might lose him, he might kill himself anytime.

He had a good job before he started taking drugs and when he broke up with his wife that is when he started to take drugs.

As a mother I wish I could help him but I am afraid that he might attack me if I go to his place. He always locks himself in the house, he takes a drug called Crystal meth.

When his landlord comes to collect rent he threatens to kill him.

“Panouya landlord wake achida mari ye rent anomuudza kuti ibva pano ndinokukanganisa”, she said

Another parent said she has given up on her child as there is no any means she can talk to him when he is drunk.

“I can not control my child now, he doesn’t listen to me because he is always stuck. He even takes drugs when he is going to school and I am wasting my money to pay fees for him, he doesn’t have future because of the drugs”, she said.

The youths who were part of the campaign said they were participating in the programme as they wanted to tell their fellow youths who are into drugs that the abuse of drugs is not good to their health and should quit immediately.

YADSAZ founder Fortune Chitsumba said they are educating the nation on drug abuse and finding ways of how best they can help people who are struggling with drugs.

“We are trying to educate the nation about the dangers of of drugs and substance abuse.

We thought we should also participate in the national clean up campaign while we educate youths on drug abuse.

People are not educated as yet and we are going to have many awareness campaigns in schools and churches so that youths are well informed and get the necessary help from us”, he said.

Speaking at the same event, a representative from the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Crosby Chinyadza said as a ministry they are worried about the rate at which youths are taking drugs.

“As a ministry we are concerned about this issue of drug abuse in youths and organisations and key stakeholders should move a step further to help these youths in terms of creating rehabilitations for drug addicts.

We have so far worked with many organisations in doing awareness campaigns and workshops so that we find ways on how best we can help our youths.

Chinyadza said the ministry has got a number of projects that are benefiting youths so that they stay occupied to reduce the abuse of drugs.

“We have vacational schools in Ruwa, Chitungwiza and Mount Hampden where we train youths and equip them with the various skills so that they are self dependent”, he added.

It is a plea of parents with children who are struggling with drugs to get the necessary intervention for the betterment of their children’s future.

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