SA Based Organisation Seeks To Empower Local Entrepreneurs



By Anyway Yotamu

HARARE – A South Africa-based organisation has partnered local entities as way of propelling the independence, entrepreneurship and self- reliance startups in women and youth across the country.

The Institute for Applied Alchemy (IAA) in partnership with the Zimbabwe Women in Tourism (ZIWT) and Youth 2 Youth Zimbabwe seek to encourage a change in perspective and problem-solving at development and enterpreurial level by creating individuals into a global mind-set, impact and effecting real change in startups projects.

Local entities will spearhead the implementation program which will see the transformation and sustenance of their wellbeing through empowerment projects.

“The beneficiaries will be empowered with entrepreneurial skills and form partnerships where they would exchange projects with other stakeholders from sectors such as tourism, health and insurance,” IAA Executive Director Chantel Oppelt said.

IAA said they were targeting to empower young women which is in line with the South African National Development Plan 2030, Zimbabwe’s Vison 2030 aims and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) 2030.

“After these partnerships are formed we will come back checking on whether women are now being able to make their own decisions to become great team players as well as leaders in their respective spheres of influence,” added Oppelt.

Goal number 5 of the UNSDGs seeks to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

ZIWIT founder and executive director Catherine Masunda said the initiative is a milestones in her development work across the country.

“Our partnership with IAA will see great achievements in our communities because the type of strategy we are using is to make the communities sustain in whatever they are implementing or their vision taking it to reality and the other great achievement is taking these achievements to recognition start to focus on women, entrepreneurship and leadership, as well as government forums that upskill and develop women as entrepreneurs in the tourism, finance, and various business startups”.” said Masunda.

The partnership seeks to have women and men working together within the communities through support from Africa Grain and Seed.

“Out there, there are great people with great minds, doing lots of things but no one is recognizing them especially youth and women but have done great in our communities,” added Masunda.

Their projects aim to augment the work already being done in Zimbabwe communities and will be rolled out with a three-pronged approach focusing on youth entrepreneurship, tourism and Women in leadership.

IAA’s core work is creating a containment of safety to allow the possibility of co-creation towards safe, inclusive and sustainable societies.

It specialises in designing tailored interventions and programmes in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategic thinking and talent mobility. They offer leadership training, business model design and organizational development consulting which addresses challenges such as a lack of self-leadership, accountability among others.

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