Land Baron Ken Sharpe Hired Prosecutors To Defend His Loot: Land Developer


By Court Reporter

HARARE Land developer has exposed yet another state capture saying controversial Pokugara Properties Chief Operations Officer and ‘fugitive, land baron’ Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s runner Tatiana Ellis Aleshina in State Capture amid allegations of a ‘suspicious relationship’ with state prosecutors handling West Properties and Pokugara unending criminal cases before the Courts.

According to an answering affidavit in position with this publication under case number HC3528/21, Georgios Katsimberis is seeking a review of a judgment made by Harare Magistrate Letwin Rwodzi after she dismissed an application for referral of his case to the Constitutional Court.

Katsimberis is arguing that he cannot be an accused and witness under the same set of facts.

He says Aleshina has in particular captured acting deputy prosecutor general Michael Reza and Tafara Chirambira.

“The prosecutors particularly Michael Reza are in fact hired guns, for Tatiana Aleshina, Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, Aurgur lnvestments OU West Properties and Pokugara Properties. They have in fact captured by the same. They have lost all kind of neutrality and objectivity”, says Katsimberis.

According to constitution the State and a Public Prosecutor must be neutral in handling matters before the Courts.

Aleshina has been described as the grandmother of State Capture, were she usually boost in court affidavits that she has access to the highest office in the country, in April this year she boosted about seeing President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs secretary, Virginia Mabhiza during Pokugara’s Supreme Court appearance.

This is not the first time that allegations of State capture have been levelled against Aleshina as Harare North legislator Norman Markham claimed that through her Augur Investments (a company owned by Sharpe) had ‘unleashed a demon of State Capture and extracted so much influence even from the highest office in the land.

Katsimberis further added that Chirambira has no knowledge of the facts behind Pokugara Properties dispute were Chirambira had said Katsimberis did not have approved plans to build a show House.

” A public prosecutor must be beyond reproach, Mr Tafara Chirambira has no knowledge of the facts, i submitted plans and the City of Harare accepts that i submitted plan. I paid for their submission and i have receipts to prove that,”

“I constructed a show House, that show House was constructed with morden technology and concrete and steel. The technology is called Archway Technology, it’s a desktop technology where a house or building is created on a programme, then later produced in a machine that mixes steel and concrete. Once that steel and concrete has been mixed in the machine it is then transferred to the building site where it is assembled like a lego toy. Pokugara Properties, Kenneth Raydon Sharpe and Michael John Van Blerk destroyed the same , they had to use cranes and iron boulders but they could not destroy the same. That was how strong the structure was,” says Katsimberis.

However Reza has lately been criticized on how he handles Sharpe’s cases before the Courts with some analyst described him as a prepaid agent of Pokugara Properties through the principal Sharpe who’s is at large.

Sharpe is believed to be hiding in Mauritius but appeared only on social media boasting to be in Zimbabwe, were he is facing a litany of charges before the Courts raging from money laundering, fraud and shoddy land dealings in Harare worthy nearly US$2 billion.

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