VISET Calls for Vendor Considerate national budgeting


By Tatenda Mujeyi

HARARE – Vendors and Initiative for Social and Economic Transformation, VISET, in a workshop in Harare in partnership with, Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development, ZIMCODD, called for government to address the requisitions of Vendors and Informal traders in the national budget process as means to strengthen the major employer and contain health and social risks associated with the trading sites.

The meeting facilitated by VISET in partnership with ZIMCODD was aimed at availing strategies on structuring for the consideration of vendors and informal traders in national budgeting process.

“The meeting should avail information and knowledge on the required budgetary consideration for the vendors and informal traders by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.” VISET Team leader, Samuel Wadzai said.

Calls were made for government to prioritize service delivery and social protection in informal trading sites as means to contain potential health pandemics.

“A key enabler for a conducive informal industry is hinged on the capacity of government to guarantee social protection through availing social security nets for vendors who have little to no savings. Furthermore social protection through supply of Water, Sanitary and health, WASH, is also important to contain potential outbreaks.” Obrien Makore an urban planer said.

The meeting urged the finance ministry to facilitate funding for the informal trader’s who contributed to the economy and could grow owing to such funding.

“The budget should avail funding for vendors and the informal sector as they are not only a major contributor to the GDP and the labour market. The funding of this sector could meet increased GDP and employment and ultimately improvement of Socio-economic conditions of Zimbabwe.” Mr Bidnock Kunaka a vendor

Calls were also made for leaders to depoliticize support for vendors as this had seen vendor support only standing as a campaign tool.

“ The biggest challenge is who only seem to be concerned with our challenges during campaign and elections. There is need for government and political party’s to desist from this.” Christine Muparadzi a Hopely vendor said.

Failure to guarantee support for vendors and informal traders by the government was viewed as a human right violation which hampered social protection.

“Zimbabwe is a signatory to a lot of international declarations that seek guarantee of citizen’s socio-economic rights to health, social protection, representation of marginalized and Zimbabwe has to oblige to these and facilitate full representation of the informal traders.” ZIMCODD Tashinga Zamba the ZIMCODD Movement building Officer said.

The informal sector is one key contributor to the GDP of Zimbabwe which should be centralised as means to strengthen economic performance, employment and end social decadence.

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