Biti Denies Abduction Reports


By Staff Reporter

HARARE – Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-Alliance) Vice President Tendai Biti denies rumors that he was abducted despite confirming that there are vehicles that have been trailing him over the past three weeks.

This follows social media reports that the outspoken Harare East legislator and former Finance Minister was reportedly abducted Monday night by unknown gunmen at his Borrowdale home in Harare.

Speaking to The Harare Times out Rotten Row Magistrate Courts Tuesday morning, Biti said he believes that President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the ruling Zanu PF party and one ZANU PF loyalist, Gakanje, were behind the false publicity.

Furthermore, “They have been swarming my office and as you know they invaded our offices when we had a press conference at our office on 26 October 2021. A lot of funny cars have been following me but I believe its Zanu PF and I believe it’s Emmerson Mnangagwa and I know that Yeukai Simbanegavi (the current deputy Minister of Housing and social Amenities) is involved.” The MDC A Vice President also said.

The opposition vice leader feels the issue is a continuation of the Masvingo Chiredzi skirmishes that saw reportage on cases of violence against the opposition party.

“I know that a CIO operative called Gakanje is involved but there is no unanimity, there is no agreement of the harm that they want to do to me and to Advocate Nelson Chamisa. So it’s a systematic onslaught we saw it in Masvingo, we saw it in Manicaland Mutare and Mashonaland Central where we were last week.

The opposition party feels the continued depletion of security guarantee for opposition party’s shows the continual disregard of human rights by ZANU PF.

“It’s like we are in a war zone, a military zone we have had to use fun vehicles, we have had to walk kilometres and kilometres to avoid blockades, to avoid roadblocks and abductions. It 41 years after independence and it like I am in Beirut (Lebanon) or Afghanistan and its ridiculous.” said Biti

Party national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere dismissed the report saying it is fake and should be disregarded.

“Please be advised that SG @hwendec has not spoken to any journalists and the fake news article quoting him as having spoken about the whereabouts of VP @BitiTendai is untrue. Please disregard any information that doesn’t emanate from our official channels,” tweeted Mahere.

Abductions in Zimbabwe have at times been used to silence opposition and greatly used as the benchmark of showing the ruling government’s disregard for human rights.

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