Prosecutor cum Politician Reza Exposes Self in Pokugara Properties Cases


By Court Reporter

HARARE – Prosecutor and acting deputy prosecutor general Michael Reza has exposed himself in the ongoing trials of land developer Georgios Katsimberis and politician Tendai Biti in matters involving Pokugara properties and controversial Russian lady Tatiana Aleshina.

Katsimberis is a witness and an accused under the same set of facts however Reza has become the most aggrieved in both trials always trying to influence the court in any matter involving Pokugara Properties.

Of late, Tendai Biti has been representing Katsimberis resulting in a nasty verbal altercation with Aleshina outside the Harare Magistrates Court and the issue has since turned to be political.

Biti is facing assault charges and Reza is the prosecutor. The two have a long history of acrimonious relationship.

On October 13, 2021, Biti attended the Harare Magistrate Court for trial however due the unavailability of his lawyer Alec Muchadehama, he sought postponement through stand in lawyer Jeremiah Bamu since Muchadehama was engaged at the Master of High Court.

Reza opposed the application for postponement saying Biti and defence team were buying time. Bamu stood down as he was not privy to the issues at hand.

Presiding Magistrate Wongai Muchuchuti Guwuriro instructed the state (Reza) confirm with the Masters Court if Muchadehama was still at the courts.

Reza advised the court that Muchadehama had since left the Masters office with Guwuriro ruling that trial should proceed without defence counsel.

Trial proceeded with Biti charging that his right to legal representation had been infringed and gave a chronology of events that he felt were biased against him.

Ironically, Biti had applied for a review that had been handed down by Guwuriro in the same matter.
After her ruling on the trial to proceed without defence counsel Biti through the High Court sought recusal of both Guwuriro and Reza after it emerged Guwuriro had also called the Master of High Court to confirm Muchadehama’s presence.

Before the matter could be attended to the High Court suspended trial pending a review of a judgement made by after regional magistrate Wongai Guwuriro.

Biti through Muchadehama has since written to the secretary of the Judiciary Service Commission Walter Chikwanha to investigate Guwuriro’s conduct.

It is the conduct of Reza in matters to do with Pokugara Properties that has left tongues wagging even among members of the Judiciary Services Commission at the courts. It is only a matter of time before the truth unfolds for prosecutor cum politician and legal architect.

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