“Thinking Beyond”41 years after independence and women still associate Politics as a dirty game.



Tatenda Zambara writes in his own capacity

African politics being centred on the ideas of great African leaders like Julias Nyerere,
Kwame Nkrumah and not forgetting the former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe still African people especially women think that politics is a dirty game.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Advocate Fadzai Mahere.

Dirty in what sense? Dirty in the eye of the beholder? Dirty in what sense. This really touched me, day and night. According to Harold Laswell “Politics is who gets what, when and how”.

Another philosophical thinking associate Politics with authoritative allocation of
resources. Politics is ubiquity, that is the truth. At home, churches, schools, families and
universities you find that Politics is there.

On a much precautious note, this article comes at a time when Zimbabwe is preparing for the 2023 harmonized elections. Zimbabwe is still to seriously begin to address issues of the repressive political environment which is
not palatable for women to compete in these elections.

Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa.

This is especially so in light of the
ongoing cases against the abuse of women in different parts of the country.

Women are still in fear of doing both carpet and bedroom interviews for them to have
opportunities to participate in higher Political positions. Indeed, if there is optimism in
Zimbabwe, it must not be over reliant solely on the political will of the women in the
inclusive in all sectors of the government.

MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe

The optimism must carry with it meaningful
understanding that this country belongs to all those that live in it, have lived in it and shall
live in its, this means that all Political parties should include women in whatever activities
which they are going to carry in 2023.

Women must be given a 50/ 50 participation in politics from the councils up to the
presidium I am crying that woman should be visible. Imagine a woman just got US$20 from his husband and she is doing a budget for the whole month for the family to survive,
imagine how experienced are they as ministers of finance, oh really, they are the
ministers without portfolio? I think this is the high time when our fathers, brothers and
all young men here in Zimbabwe stand by the women and advocate for them to get
chances in the upcoming harmonized elections.

Women are pressured into marriages and
family’s upkeep thus face a tedious challenge staying at par with the male counterparts
in furthering their education.This translates to marginalisation of women, slimming their chances of participation and competence with man in Leadership. Women are responsible for children and adults like
fathers are taken care of by these hardworking people.

Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri with Vice President Constantino Chiwenga

In the political circle women should be given a level playing field they are the reason why most families are guaranteed perpetuity. Zimbabwe should dictate the pace and give women equal opportunities in furthering higher education and training. We highly need the active participation of women and balance in 2023 heading into the future! Quite notably our Minister of Defence is a woman and her astuteness means the smoothest operation of one of the most demanding arms of our government.

Women can do it and there should be no reservation of high leadership positions for men, a message across the political landscape as we head into elections. We, as Fathers and brothers should adopt transformative mindset and let women pursue equal opportunities in learning and national level leadership. The Youth ministry has to reach out to young women and mentor them in such a way that they develop a leader mindset as opposed to family bearing. We need progressive transformation thus we have to do away with archaic ways of thinking… women should be part of the Leadership.

Tatenda Zambara
is a graduate with a Masters Degree in International Relations from Bindura University of Science Education 2021. Political
Science from the University of Zimbabwe 2017, Gender and women rights Activist, Padare Male student.

He can be contacted on:

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