Food Lover’s Expels Boycotting Worker’s

By Staff Reporter
HARARE – Upmarket fruit and veggie dealership, Food Lover’s Market has terminated contract’s for some of it’s Sam Levy Borrowdale workers following a face off over unpaid overtime and low wages.
The striking worker’s complained of being overworked without overtime, uncaring nature of management and poor wages.
“We were food lover’s employees taishandiswa kunge mabhara, we were made to work like wheel barrow’s’, they had no remorse, pay yacho nzungu zvayo’, we were paid peanuts, ‘taishandiswa overtime pasina kubadharwa’, made to work overtime without pay .” A worker who denied to be named for fear of victimisation.
The workers boycotted and complained to the management of being poorly paid and being overworked to which the human Resources management called them to a meeting management decided to bring a lawyer.
“We were supposed to work 45 hours yet, taishanda, we worked, 60 hours, the other 15, haa kufira mahara, those were for free.So on sunday the till operators decided to boycott work then we engaged with our till operator supervisor, kuti shaa tipirewo nyaya yedu kumamanager hatina kukwanisa kuuya becoz tikupihwa nzungu, please tell management that we are overworking and the pay is little.” The worker also said.
Furthermore, “The HR told the supervisor kuti vanhu ivavo ngavauye nema grievances avo mangwana, tell those people to bring their grieviiences on the table at 11 which was monday . Taenda, On monday they decided to come talk to us with a lawyer.
The workers fearing the legal consequences of engaging in one on one meetings with the workers called for legal representation between both parties which saw their contract’s being terminated.
“Takabva tati, We said, no we will see you tane, with, a lawyer kana muchida kutiona one one since imimi matouyawo nelawyer nyaya dzakutongoda each party ine, will also see you once we have a lawyer, so we got a lawyer, akafonerana, who called the food Lover’s lawyer we food lover’s lawyer who had many excuses so as to evade the meeting with our lawyer since 8am, achingoti tazopinda, am in a meeting tapinda imwe, am in another board meeting, yet he had agreed to meet with our lawyer on Tuesday.” The worker emphasised.
In a letter seen by this publication, the workers who had contract’s valid until end of first quarter 2022 were dismissed with immediate effect.
“We regret to advise you that your contract of employment which expires on the 30th of April 2022 has been terminated on notice. We request that you handover any company property in your possession.”

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