US Government Unwavering on Zim Sanctions Despite UN Rapporteur Visit

By Staff Reporter
HARARE – The United States of America has maintained an unwavering position on the Sanctions it holds against Zimbabwe siting the sanctions as curtailing illegal transactions by human rights violators and in no effect affecting the financial position of the general Zimbabwean people and the nation’s economy as the country host’s the United Nations Rapporteur on Human Rights, Alena Douhan.
The United States of America maintains that the sanctions in no way hinder the targeted individuals and entities to transact globally but protect the US financial system from the ill-gotten wealth.
“U.S. sanctions do make it more difficult for targeted individuals and entities to access funds through the global financial infrastructure. Sanctions do not target Zimbabwe’s banking sector, but rather ensure that sanctioned individuals and entities cannot use the U.S. financial system to enjoy their ill-gotten gains.” The United States of America Department of State Spokesperson, Ned Price said in a press conference.
The US government feels that blaming the sanctions for Zimbabwe’s challenges deviates from the governance challenges, constitutional and international obligatory challenges faced by Zimbabwe.
“To be very blunt, blaming U.S. sanctions for Zimbabwe’s problems detracts from the core issues of better governance that are required in Zimbabwe, and to that end, Zimbabwe must make reforms consistent with its constitution, with its international obligations, and with its other commitments.” Ned Price also emphasised.
The USA maintains that the sanctions are targeted on human rights abusers, corrupt individuals and entities and are reviewed regularly to represent the changes.
“When it comes to Zimbabwe and sanctions, our sanctions there target human rights abusers and those who undermine democratic processes or facilitate corruption. I want to be very clear that these sanctions do not target the Zimbabwean people.
Zimbabwe’s economic ills, we know, are caused by leaders, those leaders abusing power, not U.S. sanctions. Our sanctions target only 83 individuals and 37 entities. We review our sanctions list regularly to acknowledge developments in Zimbabwe.” The United States Department of State Spokesperson also said.
The remarks come at a time the country is hosting Rapporteur for Human Rights from the United Nations as Zimbabwe has taken to the adoption by SADC to commemorate 25 October as a day to campaign for the removal of sanctions against Zimbabwe.

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