Vendor lured ,raped in a lodge

By Staff Reporter
A Harare vendor was this week lured into a lodge and raped by a man who had posed as a potential buyer of the sandals she was selling in the central business district (CBD) police has announced.
The vendor, aged 18, was selling sandals near the intersection of Robert Mugabe Road and Innez Terrace when she was approached by
the suspect.
The suspect is reported to have said that he first wanted to go to the bank to withdraw the cash to buy the sandals.
She was then lured into a lodge in the city where she was raped by the suspect who then disappeared.
A report was made to the police.
“Police in Harare are investigating a case of rape which occurred on October 5, 2021 at Kopje Lodge. “The victim aged 18, who was
carrying a sack of sandal shoes at the corner of Robert Mugabe Road and Innez
Terrace, was lured to the lodge by the suspect who lied that he was going to a
bank to withdraw cash so that he could buy some of the shoes.
“Investigations are still in progress,”

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