Mukupe threatens, utters obscenities against CWA Executive

By Staff Reporter
HARARE – The Community Water Alliance National Coordinator Hardlife Mudzingwa has been threatened with lawsuit’s and obscenities by Terrence Makupe following a visit to a contested Wetland site the latter’s company is building within the Cleveland Wetland Ramsor Conservation site.
Following a site visit by Water and Wetland Stakeholders to the Cleveland Wetland site, on which the former Finance Deputy Minister Mukupe is constructing a stadium on and located allegedly next to opposition leader Tendai Biti’s the former Minister threatens Mudzingwa with ‘a final’ warning and alleges him as settling scores, as he had not consulted him and was not bothered about opposition member Biti’s property next to his.
” _Saka ndavakukuudza_now I am telling you, this is my final warning to you. _Ita zvaurikuita kwaurikuita_ ( do what you are doing were you are doing it)… _Property iri munextdoor mangu ndeya Tendai Biti uchiita noise na Tendai Biti_ (The property next door mine is Tendai Biti’s but I have never heard you on a case with him).” Terrence Mukupe can be heard saying on the recording.
Mukupe however finds himself shouting unpublishable obscenities to a Water Conservation Activist, Hardlife Mudzingwa, after having further threatened him with a lawsuit from a strong legal team constituting of top opposition members including former Harare Mayor and MDC Alliance President.
“Dont call me Honourable. I am not your friend. I don’t want to see you on my property. What I am actually doing is Jacob Mafume is my lawyer by the way. My advocate is Hashiti in partnership with who?, for your surprise Nelson Chamisa .” Mukupe boasted.
The face off follows the looming battle with the Mabvuku residents through the Cleveland Action Alliance who have survive from the Wetland and are not ready to see it’s destruction.
The Cleveland Wetland basin is the other source of water for the upper Manyame catchment area alongside Manyame River as it is the water basin that creates Cleveland Dam and in turn Mukuvisi River with the persistent Harare water shortages and natural purification hinged on such areas.
“The construction of Chitungwiza has already compromised the quality and quantity of the Upper Manyame Catchment Area reaching as far as Guruve and we can need to come up with a plan on best management of wetlands. Water quality is dependent on the natural quality with these water bodies creating a foundation of the most natural water quality requiring less purification. ”Constance Matsaira the Upper Manyame Sub Catchment Council Water Resources Manager had said to stakeholders.
The Cleveland Action is a Ramsor Site and Zimbabwe is obliged to observe the environmental specifics that follow international declarations.
“Cleveland dam is a Ramsor Site and as such Zimbabwe is a signatory to this convention. The continued depletion of Wetlands is a complete contravention of the Ramsar Convention. The preservation of wetlands is both key for both domestic and international purposes.
Jimmy Mahachi the Cleveland Action Alliance Coordinator said.
Council however seemed to have been the dodgy element as the representative they sent for the stakeholder site , a Mr Muriya had no knowledge and capacity to speak on behalf of Council referring all questions to a Kudzenge and Chideme despite having come on behalf of Council, as Mudzingwa also argues to Mukupe in the Audio that they had failed to access the plans and other documents following the matter.
“We went to the _District Officer_ DO requesting those plans but we could not get them.” Mudzingwa responded to Mukupe on the leaked Audio.
The move by the former MP and Zanu PF member varies from President E D’s commitment to the National Determined Contributor’s (NDC)s as set in Lupane last week.

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