Red Cross, ZAS In Free Health and Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

……to realise head immunity following the wake of Covi-19 pandemic.
By Anyway Yotamu
HARARE – The International Health Disaster advocate, RED CROSS and Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) have engaged in a partnership that saw Red Cross providing free healthcare and COVID-19 testing during the duration of this year’s Agricultural show.
“The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society, ZRCS, has partnered with the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show, ZAS, through provision of free health and first aid services with the organisation providing COVID 19 vaccinations at this year’s edition of the annual business showcase.

The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society Stand at the just ended Agricultural Show.
In support of the government accelerated and decentralised vaccination drive, the ZRCS has deployed a team of medical doctors and nurses who are providing COVID 19 vaccinations for free within the exhibition centre, bringing the much-needed services closer to the people who might have missed an opportunity to get vaccinated due to other commitments.” A statement issued by ZRCS said.
The humanitarian player has also deployed first aid action teams who are responding to first aid casualties. Those in need of assistance would then get closer attention at the Red Cross clinic situated near the main arena.
The commitment shown by ZAS to provide free and cheap access to health care reflects on the good relationship between ZRCS and Government while guaranteeing disaster Risk management practices during national events
“As an auxiliary to government and a humanitarian player whose sole mandate is to serve humanity, providing health and first aid services at ZAS and other national events is in sync with our mandate and mission. This need has been even more evident this year as we are grappling with the COVID 19 pandemic and in line with the government’s accelerated vaccination drive, we strongly feel bringing the vaccines closer to the people will go a long way in the attainment of the herd immunity we intend as a nation so that we might return to our normal activities,” The ZRCS Secretary General Mr. Elias Hwenga.
Zimbabwe Red Cross Society officials attend to clients during the Agricultural Show.
The free vaccination drive by ZRCS compliments government’s efforts to realise head immunity following the wake of COVID-19.
“There is no time for waiting, we need to vaccinate as many people as we can immediately. The need to vaccinate as many as we can is crucial for us as a country so that we reach the goal of herd immunity,” added Mr. Hwenga.
The ZRCS clinic model is an important alternative to health care provision in Zimbabwe were most poor people can not afford to meet thier health bills.
“We have been offering COVID antigen test at the Clinic and our laboratory department is comprehensive, offering haematology, microbiology, serology and chemistry and is also referral from local surgeries, clinics and hospitals. With the trusted Red Cross brand and favourable pricing model, the Red Cross Clinic and healthcare projects are poised for major growth. The Society plans to leverage on the success of the Harare Clinic and proposed Hospital to duplicate this model in other provinces country wide,” said Dr Joel Tapi, the ZRCS Clinic Practitioner in Charge.
Zimbabwe Red Cross Society officials manning the stand at the just ended Agricultural Show.
The clinic offers an array of health services ranging from vaccination, dental services, gynaecologist services, dentistry, pharmaceuticals among most other health services.
“The Clinic which operates every day except on Sundays, offers a wide range of medical services including general practitioner and gynaecology consultation, laboratory services, pharmacy, ultrasound scan, radiology services, x-ray, cardiography, ECG, specialist services including gynaecologist, Neuro, Physician, Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, counselling and dental services. The statement also said.
Redcross has been a major contributor in the effort to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic which has had vast negative economic and social implications on globally
“Since the outbreak of the COVID 19, the ZRCS has been working closely with the government and other development partners in a bid to save lives through donations of Ventilators, PPEs, and other essential equipment while raising awareness at community level through its wide volunteer base.” A statement by ZRCS also said.
The project is part of a more pronounced effort by the Redcross to fully meet health expectations of the vulnerable poor population.
“The ZRCS seeks to explore the expansion of its medical and pharmaceutical businesses so as to strike a balance of a financially self-sustaining humanitarian player through provision of low-cost high quality affordable medical and pharmaceutical services to the Zimbabwean populace.” A statement by ZRCS said.
As an essential humanitarian services provider, the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society has remained operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and has developed protocols to keep beneficiaries, partners, volunteers and staff safe while maintaining continuity of operations providing uninterrupted support to vulnerable populations’ needs throughout this challenging period.
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