Zimbabwe Drafts Energy Efficiency Policy

 Tatenda Mujeyi
HARARE – Zimbabwe is in the process of drafting an energy efficiency policy which should set pace on devising mechanism’s aimed at fostering sustainable energy usage mechanism’s it was learnt at a validation workshop in Harare today.
The scope of energy efficiency is a globally adopted phenomenon which seeks the sustainable utilisation of Energy across sectors in the wake of climate change.
“The scope of Energy efficiency policy will cover all sectors of the economy since energy is a key enabler in all sectors. It will be extended to households, farms, agro processing industries and municipalities.” The Minister of Energy and power development Mr Zhemu Soda said.
The validation workshop noted the existent energy challenges Zimbabwe was facing adespite the commitment by government to meet the countries expectations.
“Zimbabwe is experiencing a critical power deficit. This has been attributed to an increase in demand for energy in the country, while a limited number of new projects in terms of numbers and capacity (MW) have been commissioned since 1990.” The Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development Magna Madyiwa said at the workshop.
Calls were made for government and the power utility to facilitate the full implementation of projects and capacitation of existent projects to fully meet the country’s energy expectations.
“I am aware that our thermal power stations have been operating well below capacity. I wish to challenge ZESA TO EXPEDITIOUSLY REFURBISH THE SMALL thermal power stations and also retool the old units of Hwange Power station” The Minister of Energy and Power Development Mr Zhemu Soda said.
There were calls for the integration of energy processes to facilitate data and sustainable approaches in energy management.
“We had challenges accessing energy efficiency data and statistics. There is need for energy efficiency audits, energy waste management strategies among other energy use technicalities that are imperative in setting the energy efficiency agenda.” The Energy efficiency consultant Eng Zimhunga said.

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