Irvine’s Launches One Stop Farm Fresh Shop

By Business Reporter
HARARE – Striving to cater for the growing demand of poultry products, Zimbabwe’s leading poultry, and eggs producer, distributor, and marketer in the country and Sub-Saharan Africa at large, Irvine’s has today opened a new one-stop Farm Fresh shop at the Derbyshire Farm in Waterfalls, along the new Chitungwiza road after Mbudzi roundabout.
Before the opening of the one-stop shop, Irvine’s was running a kiosk at the farm, but a surge in demand for the company products saw the kiosk being overwhelmed by surging demand for poultry products.
In a statement, Irvine’s said the new farm-fresh walk in shop will cater to customers of various backgrounds, from wholesalers buying in bulk to individuals who want to buy for family consumption.
“This is a one-stop Farm Fresh shop where customers have access to a variety of Irvine’s products to choose from. Whether one wants fresh eggs, day-old chicks, fresh eggs, sausages, or chickens for consumption, everything is being provided under one roof,” Irvine’s Commercial Director, Mr. Anele Zunga said in a statement.
The one-stop shop is segmented into retail and wholesale departments to cater to the diverse customers’ needs.
“Customers can expect quality service, spacious parking space and more till payment points, all for their shopping convenience. The services were designed in response to customer’s calls to cater for both retail and wholesale customers,” Zunga added.
Zunga said that to meet the demand which continues to grow, the new one-stop Farm Fresh was also extending trading hours.
“To meet the rise in demand, we are extending our trade hours from 0800 hrs to 1600hrs on Mondays to Saturdays. We are now also opening on Sundays for 0800hrs to 1200hrs to ensure no one goes back home without the product they want.”
Irvine’s stated that the expansion of the premise was also aimed at limiting the spread of the global Covid-19 pandemic as it will avoid congestion of customers.
“During the Covid-19 induced lockdown, poultry farming became one of the major income-generating projects and a source of employment, especially for women and youths due to its low capital requirements. Many entered the poultry project as trials and never looked back. We made the shop big to avoid people queuing and crowding at the shop in line with Covid-19 requirements.
Irvine’s said it was committed to economically empower local people in line with the company’s business objective of changing lives in Africa by producing affordable protein highlighting that chicken meat also remains a more affordable source of protein compared to other meats in Zimbabwe.
In addition, Irvine’s said, “We have community social responsibilities (CSR) initiatives which include training of local farmers, including youth and women in poultry farming to scale up rural development. Every year, Irvine’s target 20 000 people with training in modern poultry production.”
It has been also highlighted that the company has been assisting charity organisations, orphanages, childcare centers, and other needy institutions.
“These include Jairo’s Jiri, Danhiko Project, Emerald Hill Children’s Home, Athol Evans, Harare Senior Citizens Club, Waterfalls Trust, Beezer Organisation, Fairways home, and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Waterfalls Dog Section.”
As a regional processor, marketer, and distributor of poultry and poultry products, Irvine’s Zimbabwe continuously strives to ensure that poultry and poultry products intended for human consumption are produced, stored, handled, and distributed in a manner that eliminates or minimises food hazards that may infringe on the health of consumers.
Among its product include day-old chicks, eggs, broilers, layers, whole birds, and other chicken products.

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