Tuku’s Daughter Demands Dog In Messy Divorce

HARARE – The late music superstar Oliver Mutukudzi’s daughter, Samantha, is claiming exclusive custody of a Maltese dog called Alvin Jazz in a messy, elongated divorce wrangle with footballer Tinashe Nengomasha.
Samantha has filed a High Court application seeking a decree of divorce against the former Kaizer Chiefs playmaker.
This becomes the second time she has approached the courts over the same issue, having initially filled back in 2019.
Samantha said in her papers that her union with Nengomasha had collapsed to a point that there were no hopes of mending it.
According to the summons, the two have not been staying together for the past two years.
Samantha proposed she be granted custody of the couple’s two minor children and for the sale of their immovable property for proceeds sharing.
Reads the summons: “The Plaintiff avers that the marriage relationship between the parties has so irretrievably broken down that there are no prospects of restoration of a normal marriage relationship more particularly in that the parties have lost all love and affection for each other and the parties have not lived together as a husband and wife for a continuous period exceeding 24 months.”
This time, she has also asked to be awarded their Maltese dog called Alvin Jazz, which they acquired when they were still staying together.
Samantha also said the couple has household property in South Africa, Honeydueridge Residential estate.
They also have household property in Hillside, Harare, saloon equipment, a Nissan Navara, BMW 125i Coupe and a house in Hillside, Harare.
She prayed that she retains all the household property at their Honeydueridge house and also at Hillside as her exclusive property.
Samantha also wants to be given the Nissan Navara while her estranged husband gets the BMW.
Samantha wants the court to allow them to sell their house in Hillside, Harare that is registered in both their names and share the money equally.
“It would be fair and equitable, in the event that this Honourable Court grants a decree of divorce, that the immovable property between the parties be sold and the proceeds be divided with each party being awarded 50 percent of the net proceeds.
According to the summons, the couple acquired salon and also have household property in south Africa and Harare.
The case is yet to be set down for hearing.

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