ZIMTRADE initiates Zim-DRC business Meeting

By Tatenda Mujeyi
HARARE – The Country’s Trade facilitating business ZimTrade has facilitated a business dialogue and visit of a DRC delegation that is aimed at boosting trade between Zim and the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC.
The visit avails opportune between participating firms to realize potential mutual interest areas in business.
“The meeting avails Zimbabwe and DRC the opportunity to realize the potential of gaining from the prospective business and trade partnerships. It follows our visit to DRC where we explored mutual interest areas and hence the DRC delegation’s visit.” Renwick Wachenyuka, The ZimTrade Export Promotion Officer said.
The DRC delegation is led by Tanganyika Provincial Governor’s representative.
“I am here on behalf of both the Tanganyika Business Company as well as the Governor of Tanganyika province. We are a major player in aquarium as we are located with in the basins of the Tanganyika River.” Yves CIDO T L, the Tanganyika Business Company Representative said.
The meeting is part of the broad DRC delegation’s week visit which will also avails opportunity for the DRC delegation to visit local potential trade partnership Zimbabwe sites.
The Province is soliciting investment in terms of Capital Investment projects as Africa’s argued resources jewel, DRC, seeks continued allegiance with Zimbabwe in reestablishing Global Economic prowess.
“Yes we are here visiting Zimbabwe on the background of continued relationship between our countries and the potential future trade partnership’s that may arise from this visit. We are a major source of fish products and we are into mining, We require capital to fully meet our expectations. ”Yves CIDO T.L also said.
The delegation was in the countries second largest former industrial capital, Bulawayo, for it’s Railing, cement, hiding, meat as mining industrial function.
Local participating firms emphasised realising vast potential mutual Trade partners with hope for realising business.
“We are into technology software and support, We actually have branches in five other countries, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Rwanda and Uganda. We believe that the companies that are exhibiting here are potential clients and we hope to strike deals with interested parties in guaranteeing transformative technology for DRC.” Whitney Matikiti, Sales and Account Manager for Fintech, a Zimbabwean firm said.
The ZimTrade initiated program augers well with the continental African Continental Free Trade Agreement, AfCFTA program.
“Yes the program is in line with the AfCFTA agreement, and shows ZimTrade’s efforts to facilitate trade synergies that are in line with the global and regional trends.” Mr Wachenyuka also said.
Trade is a key sustainable development action whose effects are determinant of not only the first SDG, Poverty eradication, but all other goals as it remains key to development.

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