Warrant of arrest for Biti cancelled

By Senior Court Reporter
HARARE – A warrant of arrest against MDC-Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti after he allegedly failed to appear in court for trial has been cancelled.
Harare Magistrate Mrs Chido Garwe early Monday morning issued a warrant of arrest after pressure from acting deputy Prosecutor Michael Reza.

MDC-Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti at the Harare Magistrate Courts on Monday morning accompanied by his lawyer Mr Aleck Muchadehama.
Biti, who is also a qualified lawyer, is involved in litigation, representing a client in the Harare Airport Road scandal, Tatiana (Ellis) Aleshina a Russian national, who was reportedly whispering information to the prosecution team constantly.
After the court hearing, Aleshina confronted Biti threatening that he should not mention Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s name during his argument in Court.
Biti is being accused of insulting Aleshina for calling her stupid during an altercation outside Harare Magistrates Courts on November 30 2020.
Biti and his lawyer Mr Aleck Muchadehama was present in court at 8:30am to represent.
“Despite the fact that I was at court by 8:30 am, State Prosecutor Micheal Reza applied for a warrant of arrest against me in my on going persecution engineered by land baron Ken Sharpe.This was a prepaid warrant as the @HeraldZimbabwe was reporting on the same before it’s issuance”, Biti tweeted.
“In canceling the Warrant Magistrate Stenford Mambanje was critical of State position & State lies. It is quite clear the extent State Capture & the desperate attempt to silence critical alternative voices. We have never been cowards. We never yielded on matters of principle
Our struggle is just one . Our struggle is a pure oneIt is for a just free democratic open Zim in which every citizen will live a happy prosperous life.Neither Mnangwagwa nor his political commissars masquerading as prosecutors will stop wheels of changeA new Zim is beckoning”, added Biti.
According to a police document before the court seen by this publication, Aleshina is not a witness in the Airport Road Scandal where Biti is representing a Harare businessman Georgios Katsimberis.
The whole story is reportedly emanating from the unfinished Airport Road Scandal which Ken Sharpe is battling with several cases before the Courts.
Controversial land baron Kenneth Raydon Sharpe.
Sharpe is currently at large and believed to be hiding in Mauritius with his confidante of Russian origin Aleshina doing most of the business on his behalf.
The self exiled Sharpe is facing a litany of charges ranging from money laundering and corruption emanating from shoddy land dealings in Harare worthy nearly US$2 billion.
Ms Tatiana Ellis Aleshina.
His companies which include Augur Investments OU, West Properties and Sunshine Development are under litigation.
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