Tinashe Mugabe’s Global DNA Shows Govt a Middle Finger

By Staff Reporter
HARARE – Global DNA Zimbabwe has dispelled the allegations castigated on it by the Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe which said the company was illegally operating highlighting that Tinashe Mugabe was not professionally qualifed to issue DNA results.
In a statement, DNA said the company was ethically running guided by the Zimbabwean legal parameters laws emphasising that the general public must not be misinformed by the circulating rumours on different social media platforms pertaining the entity’s operational ban.
“Firstly, the company would like to reassure our stakeholders and clients that we are an upstanding and ethical business and we operate within the legal parameters of Zimbabwean laws, Global DNA is a legally registered entity in Zimbabwe. We urge the general public to disregard the false news circulating concerning our operation being banned.
“In the Interim, Global DNA would also like to dispel the rumours that we have been banned from operation. We received communication from the Council dated 17 September 2021 and we are in communication with the Council to provide the necessary documentation that they have since requested,” the statement reads.
Global DNA complained that at the time of press release, there was no prior communication or consultations with its team highlighting that if proper communication was done, the issue would have been resolved without causing unnecessary alarm within the general public.
“We also would like to take this time to reassure our clients of the legality and accuracy of obtained DNA results. As such, we would like to notify our stakeholders that we are seeking legal recourse and we will issue the detailed press statement in the due course,” Global DNA added in the statement.
Below is the statement from Global DNA Zimbabwe….

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