Indian Government Avails Vehicles to Enhance Zim’s Education Pillar

By Anyway Yotamu and Joyce Mukucha
HARARE – Striving to strengthen and improve the physical Infrastructure Pillar of Education 5.0, the government of India has handed over three vehicles to the Government of Zimbabwe under the Indo-Zim Project.
Expressing his gratitude to the government of India during the handover ceremony of vehicles in Harare yesterday, the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development (MHTEISTD), Dr Amon Murwira said the vehicles will go a long way in assisting the ministry to to provide the nation with the necessary means of capabilities to achieve Vision 2030 of an industrialised and modernised nation.
“Our nation adopted the vision(national strategic intent) of becoming an Upper Middle Income Economy by 2030 as expressed by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, ED Mnangagwa.
“National strategic intentions are fulfilled by national capabilities. It is therefore the told of MHTEISD to provide our nation with the necessary means of capabilities to achieve Vision 2030 of an industrialised and modernised nation,” said Minister Murwira.
Zimbabwe, he said, has reconfigured its Education 3.0(a colonial design to produce a worker) to Heritage based Education 5.0(a design meant to industrialise and mordenise the nation).
“Education 5.0 is anchored on a robust framework with (5) pillars (1) Programme Infrastructure, (2) Promotion infrastructure, (3) Physical Infrastructure, (4)Financial Infrastructure and all these are backed up by the necessary amendments of the (5) Legislative Framework.
“Today’s event of the handover of vehicles from the Government of India to the Government of Zimbabwe under the Indo-Zim Project is a key enabler to the physical Infrastructure Pillar of Education 5.0.
“On behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the delivery of the three vehicles handed over today under the Indo-Zim Project and which are part of the four vehicles in total that the MHTEISTD shall receive. Thank you the Government of India for strengthening the the GoZ Infrastructure Pillar through the handover of these vehicles,” said Dr Murwira.
The Minister pointed out that Zimbabwe was also grateful for the Hi-Tech morden equipment (in the areas of Tie and Die making, precision machining using Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing systems) received by Technology Centres in Harare and Bulawayo.
He said Zimbabwe was looking forward to enhanced cooperation between the two governments in developing skills necessary for the production of goods and services in order to attain Vision 2030.
“The Indo-Zim centres shall contribute to the industrialization and mordenisation of be Zimbabwe through enhancing Human Capital Development through ‘hands on’ training of students by way of attachment or apprenticeship, offering incubation programs which are heritage based, including business skills in order to produce all rounded entrepreneurs, producing goods and services for the benefit of local committes, the nation and the nation at large, to offer increased access to production facilities by entrepreneurs.”
He said the Government of Zimbabwe attaches great importance to skills development and training gained through knowledge and action.

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