Mazowe North Optimistic of achieving 12billion Dollar Mining Industry

By Tatenda Mujeyi in Mazowe
Mazowe North legislator, Campion Mugwenhi has emphasised optimism in Government meeting the 12billion Dollar industry by 2025.
Mazowe North Constituency, in Mashonaland Central, represented by young farmer Hon Campion Mugwenhi, is a main farming and mining region for the country.
The constituency emphasised the successes the road rehabilitation program had facilitated for the mining industry through availing access.
“The road rehabilitation program fostered for by President E D Mnangagwa had generated improved momentum for the Mining Industry as it had enhanced access and connectivity for miners and prospective miners thereby increasing the already highly likely success of achieving the mining target.” Mazowe North legislator Honourable Campion Mugwenhi said
The 12 billion dollar government mining initiative had not sidelined the traditional farming industry but only heightened it.
“While farming has been the traditional major industry, it is worth noting that the quest for increased mining activity had only improved agricultural production as people are potentially generating extra capital for farming.” Honourable Mugwenhi also said.
The constituency is optimistic of improved mining returns as the chrome mining activity’s have improved the mining industry.
“ The easy access of Guruve to the Chrome markets has improved the mining industry and we expect this to improve returns from our constituency.
Considering other contributing constituency’s focus on the same area’s we expect gold, diamond, lithium and platinum among other industries to follow suit and hence achievement of the President’s target is feasible.” The Mazowe North legislator emphasised.
The constituency also expected success of the program to be spearheaded by the commitment legislator’s had shown through availing equipment for young miners.
“The 12 billion dollar mining industry success is guaranteed virtue of the commitment government and party member had shown to the industry through availing equipment for the miners thereby warranting the initiative success. Honourable Mugwenhi also emphasised.
Mash Central is endowed with a variety of economic minerals including gold, nickel, chromite, tantalite, semi-precious stones, dimension stones, limestone and marble that are currently being mined with platinum group metals, uranium, vanadium, iron ore, Rare Earth Elements, petroleum and natural gas not being fully explored.

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