‘Bring Back Kombis’ HRT Tells Government

By Staff Reporter
HARARE – Following a recent announcement by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) that commuters who board non-ZUPCO vehicles risk fines of $2 000 each, as they step up operations against errant buses, commuter omnibus and private car operators, the Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT) said this was not fair on innocent people.
The government,HRT said, should allow private transport operators back on the roads so that they can cater for the general public who find themselves stranded on a daily basis due to shortage of ZUPCO transport.
HRT said ZRP was being inconsiderate by imposing fines on commuters who board illegal kombis and mushikashika.
The government, said HRT, is the one to blame for maintaining a monopoly by an inefficient and ineffective ZUPCO transport system.
In a statement yesterday, HRT said,
“All the people being fined are innocent. The Minister of Local Government and Public Works and all those behind the ZUPCO monopoly are the ones who should be held to account for the pain that commuters have to go through daily in order to come to work and return to their homes in the evening.
“The Government must not pretend to be trying to enforce the law and order when they are the source of the public transport disorder in Harare and in other towns.
“The Government must respect its people and stop pretending to be clueless,” reads the statement.
Trying to bring a solution, HRT suggested that government ought to remove the ZUPCO monopoly and allow roadworthy kombis to operate.
Additionally, HRT said resentment by people towards the government was mounting day by day explaining that the government will have no one to blame when the people turn their back on them.
“They are provoking the people daily by making them go through painful experiences as they struggle to leave town and reach their homes. In the mornings, the situation is the same.”
In 2017, HRT also blamed the City of Harare during the second 100-day Rapid Results Initiative Launch did their threats to forcefully remove vendors, mishika-shikas and commuter omnibuses from the Central Business District.

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