Bridge Trust Committed to Support Schools to Build Green Communities

‘Green mindset”
By Tafadzwa Mupfururirwa and Joyce Mukucha
HARARE – Striving to fight climate change which threatens the homes, livelihoods and lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people, aiming to instil a green mindset in young people to build a better world, the Bridge Trust has donated pine and gum tree seedlings to two schools in Harare.
The donation comes at a time when the world was celebrating the International Youth Day.
Speaking during the donation on the 12th of August 2021 in Harare, the Founder of Bridge Trust, Brenda Kachepa said due to continuous stiff travel measures by government aimed at containing the spread of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the organisations is finding it difficult to reach out to marginalised communities especially the urban -distant ones.
She highlighted that Bridge Trust could not afford to sit back and watch, blaming the restrictions thus, they have seen it imperative to extend as much support as they can to locals who need their assistance.
Global challenge, she said, for action in solidarity with schools is of paramount importance through supporting and accelerating the attainment of the all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
“Due to travel restrictions during this lockdown period we could not travel to the communities we usually focus on and we decided to comemorate International Youth Day by donating pine and gum tree seedlings to Warren Park 1 Primary School and Warren Park High School.
“We decided to deviate from the trust main focus where children are involved which is Quality Education (SDG4) for all children.
“The deviation was SDG 13 (Climate Action) inspired as we realized the need and importance of including the young minds in planting and preserving trees for the future.
“We also realized it is in best interests of children as the future of tomorrow to interweave and accelerate the achievement of the all the SDGs,” said Kachepa.
The schools, she pointed out, have been cutting down its trees due to the fact that were now very old posing great risk to children and the sorrounding community.
“The Bridge Trust decided to make the donations so that these schools can replace those old trees and at the same time serves an awareness campaign that educates the young minds about Climate Action, the importance of their involvement and the role of trees in the fight against global warming. ”
Kachepa said the organisation will continue to extend more donations to other schools to ensure that they generate income for self-sustainance.
“We look forward to making more donations under this theme to more schools.We would want also to donate fruit trees for financial and nutritional benefits to school children and their communities.”
Receiving the donation, Warren Park 1 Primary School head, Pardon Muchemwa said the school was grateful and humbled to have been remembered especially in a way which aims at building a green environment which benefits the school and the community at large.
“It was awesome to have you here. I want to express my gratitude for your donation. We are looking forward to continue working with you even though we are not rural based. We are pleased to be an exception.
“We are thrilled to receive the donations and these trees will go a long way in protecting the school environment and our surrounding community as we strive to fight climate change and global warming crises,” said Muchemwa.
The Bridge Trust mainly advocates for women and children’s rights and is passionate about uplifting and assisting women and children in marginalized and rural areas although assistance is not limited to the above mentioned.

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