Mageva Back With A Bang As Gokwe- Nembudzia Constituency on the track

FORTUNE MAGEVA who is the most likely candidate for the MDC Alliance come 2021 believes the time is high for the people in Gokwe-Nembudziya constituency to punish Zanu PF and its Member of Parliament Justice Mayor Wadyajena for not honouring their pledges by voting for people who live up to their promises, who are popular and marketable.
In an interview, the aspiring MDC Alliance candidate for Gokwe-Nembudziya constituency, who is confident and competent enough to turn around things in the constituency through his party’s development oriented policies says he will focus on the issues and problems of the people of the constituency who have insatiable desire for greener pastures.
“Zanu PF has since lost focus and it has failed to develop the constituency. What Zanu PF is doing is tantamount to glorifying poverty because they allow thieves and corrupt people to not only loot but divide people in the constituency,” he said adding that he will work hard to develop the constituency and create job opportunities for the youths who are just wandering up and down in the constituency because they have nothing to do.
The veteran politician, Mageva donated party regalia which consists of t – shirts and soccer balls for the constituency on Saturday, which was welcomed by party members.
As a unifier who is abreast of the difficulties facing the constituency, he will reach out to people of all parties, women and men, religious leaders, traditional leaders to foster peace and tranquillity as well as togetherness to drive the country forward.
Among other things Mageva does to get the hearts of the electorate in the district is to promote sporting activities by having soccer tournaments, darts and snooker as a way of uniting people and creating the spirit of togetherness.
This year, the 3RD edition of Fortune Mageva sports Extravaganza tournament was scheduled on 22 August 2021 at Mtora Business Center, a home of sports was suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic which claims thousands of lives in the country.
The sports extravaganza was played under the theme: “Promoting Sport and Embracing the Spirit of Oneness through Sport”.
He urged members to be calm as the number of cases dropped the tournament will be resumed at the same venue.
According to Mugeva there has never been tangible development in Gokwe-Nembudziya since the country attained its independence in 1980 and the unemployment rate in the district is second to none. There deplorable condition of the road poses a big challenge to trading activities for the people in the district and the situation is even worse during raining season.
“They (youths) have been promised 2.2 million jobs by Zanu PF but no single job has been created yet leaving energetic youths especially young girls resorting to prostitution and young men resorting to theft and robbery. It is crystal clear that words can be changed into any shape and promises can be made to lull the heart and seduce the soul as this has since been synonymous with Zanu PF sloganeering”, he said.
Mugeva also bemoaned lack of industry in Gokwe given the area is the largest cotton producing area in Zimbabwe.
“This is absolutely unacceptable. Cotton growing has been a source of living for farmers in Gokwe but now farmers have been turned into a bunch of beggars by the Zanu PF government and more shockingly there is no industry but we are the largest cotton producing area in Zimbabwe”, said the 46 year-old politician adding that even cotton farmers are failing to pay school fees and cannot afford a decent meal.
The Trafalgar Logistics employee believes if voted to be the Member of Parliament, he will try everything to transform his words into real action unlike other selfish politicians whose litany of promises amount to nothing.
He also promises to create SMEs, construction of dams and road maintenance.
“We have seen previous MPs misusing the Community development Fund (CDF) but I will use the money for the development of our constituency. We will set up community development offices in the constituency where all people in the constituency will be able to visit and enquire about the use of the funds, how they can benefit as well as interfacing with their MP on development issues”, Mageva explained.
Wellington Mtema added that Mugeva will turn things around given the work he is doing right now. He is funding some income generating projects which are helping some unemployed youths in the constituency and it is my belief that if he is given a change he will transform the lives of many here in Gokwe.
“I believe Mageva will turn things around given the work he is doing right now. He is funding some income generating projects which are helping some unemployed youths in the constituency and is my believe that if he is given a chance he will transform the lives of many here in Gokwe”, Mtema added.
Monica , a mother of two says they need someone who can develop the constituency and create job opportunities for the youths so that they pay school fees for their children.
“We are now looking for someone who can develop the constituency and create employment opportunities for unemployed youths who are ending up abusing drugs committing crimes like theft and so on”, she said.
Meanwhile, Mageva is appealing for more funding in order to drive the constituency. The donation, worth several thousands of dollars, was handed over to the party members last week.

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