ERC Celebrates Heroes Day

The Election Resource Centre (ERC) has joined the rest of Zimbabwe in commemorating national heroes day on the 9th of August 2021.
By Joyce Mukucha
HARARE – In a statement, the ERC highlighted that it recognizes the contribution of the liberation war heroes who sacrificed their lives to liberate the country from colonial rule and commemorates the gains attained through the liberation struggle.
“ERC acknowledges how Zimbabwean war heroes and heroines subordinated their personal interests to the collective interest of Zimbabwe. They accepted and endured pain, suffering and brutality with fortitude even unto death for the right to vote,” statement reads.
These gains, ERC added, include the right to universal suffrage and the right to free and fair elections.
However, ERC pointed out, the country was yet to achieve the gains of the liberation struggle highlighting that the right to universal suffrage which was fought for can only be truly achieved in an environment conducive for free and fair elections.
“Forty-one years after independence, Zimbabweans living in the diaspora are still not yet able to vote. There is little efficacy in the conduct of elections in Zimbabwe.
“Consequently, the right to universal suffrage which was fought for can only be truly achieved when the necessary safety nets through reforms to the electoral laws are instituted.”
The organisation emphasised that a deep reflection by all electoral stakeholders is important to achieve a credible, free and fair poll.
“Zimbabwe can not be free when its electoral laws are defective hence the urgent need for reforms. Wishing Zimbabwe many happy returns on this year’s National Heroes’ Day Celebrations!”
Heroes day is celebrated annually on the second Monday of August in recognition of the sacrifices of all those that fought to liberate the country.

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