Jabangwe Children’s Home Delighted with AMORE’ Donation

By Tafadzwa Mupfururirwa and Joyce Mukucha.
As part of its charity work striving to see happy smiles on the faces of those in needy, AMORE Organisation yesterday managed to visit Patricia Jabangwe Children’s Home located in Waterfalls, Harare and donated basic food staffs.
This is also part of AMORE’s Love in Action first quarter’s move which has been completed with all targets met to “Reach out and Make a difference.”
The donation comes after the founder and patron of the home since 2009, Gogo Patricia Jabangwe highlighted in May the challenges encountered in as much as securing food and other basic needs for the home was concerned.
The Visionary of AMORE Organisation, Rue Maria Haines decided to respond to the highlighted request by donating; 20kg Mealie Meal, 10kg sugar, 10kg Rice, 10kg Flour, 4 L Cooking oil, 1kg Tea Leaves, 1kg Powdered Milk, 3kg Soya, 2kg Salt, and 6packs Royco.
Gogo Jabangwe expressed her deepest gratitude and heartily blessed the act of AMORE Organisation visiting her Home in the challenging era of the Covid19 pandemic and a shift of daily life due to many restrictions procedures and operations upon the general populace ,companies , organizations among other challenges.
She explained that during these times when children are at home and not in school, they basically need more food amongst other needs.
Gogo highlighted that the home is in need of basic food such as sugar, mealie-meal, beans, salt, coking oil and bread.
Additionally, she said the home needs soap, creams, glycerine, school fees and stationery for all, books pens, clothes especially for the big boys aged 17, shoes- size 7 and 6, and two bags of fertilizer D and Top.
AMORE Organisation said, “Many thanks go to the logistics , branding , transport and partnering individuals in the team. Great Appreciation to the Almighty who makes the Works of Reaching out a Success.No donation is too small when. We Let Love Lead. Let’s keep up the spirit .Love in Action – Making A Difference!”
Patricia Jabangwe Children’s Home accommodates 17 children aged 6 to 18 years -21 years with the majority aged 15 to 17 boys .
The AMORE Organisation’s Visionary other colleagues met Gogo Jabangwe at her place in Waterfalls where she explained to them that and her husband and herself turned into a Children’s home 11 years ago after acquiring a spacious house with spacious land.
Most of the girls she looked after all got married. She said one just completed her O levels and is busy planning for her wedding
Gogo mainly handles special cases – older children who have never been in school. Currently no one is above the 6th grade.
Some of the Adolescent girls and a boy are on ARVs- their mother refused to take medication
She highlighted that psychosocial support and nutritious diet needed at the home.
She does gardening and small scale farming for sustaining the food consumption of the children. She trains them basic life skills and projects in and out of the household.
Gogo nurses trees, an orchard, she grows green leafy vegetables, garlic among others. She has some chickens she rears.
She told a brief history about herself of when she lost her biological mother and life turned bitter for her as one of the girls in the family.
She was labeled a prostitute in the Mutare community because she had nothing to do or a school to be put in by anyone because by that time, society used to say school was not something for girls though it was her mother’s wish and her father knew about it.
However she was noted and taken in by a white catholic lady who took her in a missionary boarding school.
Her gifts were noted that led her to be specifically selected to arrange flowers in the chapel and she was also positioned as the headgirl.
In reference concerning the plights of the girl child, AMORE Organisation highlighted that Gogo Jabangwe said many times a girl is not in the Children’s Homes or at school , she is at home doing household chores, she has been taken by some relative to replace a deceased aunt and becomes the mother figure of the house.
“She is the one that quickly steps in child headed families and she is a very young girl already wired by some men,
“She is in the streets trying to make ends meet but faces sexual and physical and economic abuse for instance girls from Mbare homes sent by their guardians to beg and find money to feed themselves and the family.
“They usually sell sweets and cigars behind Monomotapa Hotel by the Gardens and often ambushed by the male kids on the streets as well and dread to go back home without anything,” she said.
She explained that, “They are vulnerable to contracting STIs and HIV and AIDS as they get abused.”
The male kids on the streets, she said, are often by the park opposite the Anglican Cathedral between Nelson Mandela and Jason Moyo.

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