‘Ken Sharpe’s US$2 billion Airport Road’ scandal exposed

By Senior Court Reporter
Harare land developer Georgios Katsimberis has raised alarm over the awarding of vast tracts of prime land worth US$2 billion to land controversial businessman Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s Augur Investments as payment for the construction of the 2,5 kilometres of Airport road.
In his High Court affidavit, Katsimberis revealed that after being awarded the Airport road construction contract, Sharpe subcontracted the work to another company called Fairclot Investments for a total of US$4,8 Million.
“One can see that unconsciously and corruptly, Sharpe and his company Augur Investments was awarded thousands and thousands of acres of land, whose value runs into billion dollars for the construction of a stretch of road that is less than 10 kilometres in extend,”  said Katsimberis.
He further revealed that Augur Investments is refusing to pay Fairclot Investments for its work despite the fact that they have already been paid by City of Harare.
Tatiana Aleshina, the Pokugara Chief Operations Officer is currently embroiled in a court battle with lawyer Tendai Biti after they clashed at the Harare Magistrates Court
Some of the land Augur Investments received as payment for Airport road construction is already being developed into residential stands, some of which are being advertised by popular musician Jah Prayzah.
“This court must take into account that the thousands and thousands of acres of land that were given to Augur Investments by the City of Harare are worth much more than US$4,800,00.00. In fact in my estimation as a development expert they are worth at least US$2 billion,” added Katsimberis.
Fairclot Investments bosses are facing criminal nuisance charges after they erected a billboard to warn prospecting buyers against acquiring residential stands at Pomona City
According to Katsimberis, as a result of the various omissions and commissions relating to his dealings, Kenneth Sharpe is facing various criminal charges including a case of malicious damage to property, perjury and fraud.
“Because of this criminal proceedings, Kenneth Raydon Sharpe has essentially and effectively become a fugitive of justice,” added Katsimberis.

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