Kenneth Raydon Sharpe is a fraudster and crook : Katsimberis

“This man is a fraud. A fraudster should not get any dish from the courts”
By Senior Court Reporter
HARARE – Land development George Katsimberis has described his former business partner ‘justices fugitive’ Ken Sharpe as a fraudster who is defrauding the people of Zimbabwe by engaging in shoddy deals while amassing thousands of hectares of prime Harare land.
This is contained in an affidavit deposed before the High Court by Katsimberis in support of his application against Sharpe and his companies Pokugara Ecofriendly Estate and Pokugara Properties.
Katsimberis said Sharpe’s fraudulent nature has since caught up with him as reflected by numerous criminal charges against him at the Harare Magistrates Court.
“I make the point that Kenneth Raydon Sharpe is fraudster. He has permanently consistently been defrauding the people of Zimbabwe either in the form of the Government of Zimbabwe, local authorities, the residents in particular of Harare and business people like myself…” said Katsimberis.
He referred to how Sharpe got a contract for the construction of Airport Road without going to tender before subcontracting another company Fairclot Investments trading as T&C Construction which he has not paid to date.
“The agreement between Kenneth Raydon Sharpe and the City of Harare was a fraud in its own right. Firstly as indicated above, the agreement was not subjected to tender,” said Katsimberis.
“In my case I spent two years 2016 and 2017 , working to obtain the relevant permits. Once i obtained these permits he was then unceremoniously cancelled the agreement on the 11th of January 2018,” reads document.
Sharpe and his associates lied in court that he never signed an agreement with Katsimberis.
“The significant of these documents is the acknowledgement by Kenneth Raydon Sharpe and his associates that in fact there was an agreement between myself and him contrary to his contention that Pokugara Properties was never part of the agreement.
This man is a fraud. A fraudster should not get any dish from the courts ,” reads Court documents.
He further cited what he termed a secret deed of settlement defrauding Zimbabweans.
A dangerous secret deal and secrete deed of settlement was entered into on the 28th of May 2019 between Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, Augur Investments, the City of Harare and the Minister of Local Government which has far reaching implications.
The secret deed of settlement confirms beyond reasonable doubt that Kenneth Raydon Sharpe is a fraudster.
Katsimberis also referred to the numerous criminal cases before the Harare Magistrates Court where Sharpe is answering to charges of malicious damage to property and perjury among others.
The state has now caught up with the fraudulent nature of Kenneth Raydon Sharpe. As of the present moment, he is a fugitive from justice.
“Criminal proceedings have now been instituted against Kenneth Raydon Sharpe and his activities in the Magistrate Court of Zimbabwe for various omission and commission relating to his dealings with myself,” said Katsimberis.

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