Covid-19 :ZEC Temporarily Shuts Down Offices

As a way of trying to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic,the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has announced that the Commission’s offices will be closed for 14 days from 26 July- 8 August 2021.
By Staff Reporter
This follows an upsurge in cases during the month of July 2021 .
“ERC, noting the surging cases of COVID-19 welcomes the notice with encouragement to ZEC to strengthen its engagements with stakeholders in times of the pandemic as replicated by other regional electoral commissions,” the statement reads.
ERC further reminds the Commission to extensively consult with stakeholders in light of major electoral activities like voter registration, delimitation process and the yet to be announced by-elections.
The pandemic has been affecting the entire world and has left many organisations grappling as it has decimated jobs and placed millions of livelihoods at risk.
According to McKinsey & Company, an American worldwide management consulting firm, the world is unlikely to ever reach global herd immunity, but it can contain the virus with a combination of vaccines, improved testing, and smarter quarantining, based on known outbreaks, rather than large, blunt lockdowns.

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