Social Media Users Hammer Ken Sharpe’s Company Statement Over KVG, Jah Prayzah Dubious Land Agreement

“Who needs Jah Prayzah just to sell prime land in Borrowdale? In particular, this development has issues and no hope for deeds. Do your own due diligence or just Google”

Musician Jah Prayzah with Pokugara Proprties afficials namely, Mandla Marlon Ndebele and Tatiana Aleshina pictured last year.
By Staff Reporter
HARARE – Social media users have raised a red flag over controversial businessman Kenneth Sharpe’s owned West Properties after the company issued a statement on deals that saw radio personality KVG, real name Kudzai Violet Gwara and musician Jah Prayzah (Mukudzei Mukombe) were ‘given’ houses by the company in the leafy Borrowdale suburb of Harare.
The statement which was issued by West Properties.
Commenting on the West Properties’ reaction to stories published online last week, one Takudzwa T Mutsvanga said good land sells itself and questioned the type of lease agreements that were being offered by justice fugitive Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s owned company West Properties.
“Generally good land sells itself. Roping in celebrities is in itself a red flag 🚩 and exposes the issues around that land. Sadly this controversial development does not have any hope for title deeds .Check with HCC and deeds office first 🚩”, commented Mutsvanga.
Another Facebook user by the name Shamiso Mazvita Sithole questioned West Properties for not disclosing on how the duo will get their title deeds since the matter is before the courts.
“Secondly your statement can’t even explain when KVG and JP will get their title deeds, you could only say in due course. What do you mean by due course?”, questioned Sithole.
Jah Prayzah advertising Pomona City stands without Tittle Deeds.
Gamuchirai Nhakura another Facebook user defended online news outlet ZimEye saying there was nothing amiss to the report.
“My reading of the ZimEye story shows that they used tweets from a guy who reached out to you and was told that. So ZimEye did nothing wrong. But what does it mean when the ownership of the land doesn’t pass to the customer. Ppl should stay woke on such agreements. Vamwe vachachema chete (some people will regret),” commented Nhakura.
Recently on Twitter one Dr. Controllah Gabi believes Pokugara Properties might be selling its posh Pokugara Estate houses using an outdated concept called the “Leasehold” arrangement.
The” Leasehold arrangement” means that when one buys a property, ownership of the land remains in the hands of the seller and attracts monthly rentals.
KVG advertising Pokugara Proprties which is before the Courts.
Dr. Controllah Gabi claims that Pokugara Estate was using the very same leasehold scheme arrangement which was being phased out in the United Kingdom. He termed the controversial leasehold arrangement an “internal debt trap.”
However some Facebook users believe that the deal is real despite being put off by the story published by some online media houses.
Tweets by Dr Gabi
“Was also put off with leasehold arrangement claims which is very outdated, I’m happy for that clarification and hope one day I will afford to be your client,” says Samuel Jimah.
Recently, West Properties donated US$50000 towards the fight against COVID-19, a move that was viewed as a sign to sanitize Kenneth Sharpe’s dodgy land deals in Harare.
The cautioning Billboard which was errected along Borrowdale road in Harare last year in December.

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