Jah Prayzah, KVG used to advertise fraudulently acquired residential stands

By Staff Reporter
HARARE – Musician Jah Prayzah and Star FM presenter Kudzai Violet Gwara have been roped in to advertise residential stands being sold at Pokugara Proprties and Pomona City using fraudulently acquired title deeds.
The original title deeds for Pomona City which is Stand Number 654 Pomona Township were deposited at Coghlan, Welsh and Guest Legal Practitioners as part of an agreement between West Properties’ sister company Augur Investments OU and a construction company, Fairclot Investments and will only be released at the consent of both companies.
The Billboard which was errected along Borrowdale road in Harare last year in December.
Augur Investments subcontracted Fairclot Investments trading as T&C Construction for the construction of Airport Road but the two have not agreed on payment terms forcing the latter to approach the court to stop any development until their conflict is resolved.
Augur Investments roped in the Sheriff of Zimbabwe to try and forcefully get the title deeds from Coghlan, Welsh and Guest to no avail.
KVG (far left) gets keys from Russian national Tatiana Aleshina aka Tanya to her new Borrowdale home at Pokugara Estate recently.
“Please be advised that Augur Investments OU (Augur) and Fairclot Investments Private Limited trading as T and C Constructions (T and C) signed an agreement on the 25th of March 2013 wherein we were appointed escrow agents with the duty to hold the title deeds in issue in trust.
“We are therefore unable to release the title deeds to you without the consent of both Augur and T&C,” reads a letter from Coghlan, Welsh and Guest to Sheriff of Zimbabwe, Mcduff Madega.
Madega went on to file a High Court application to force Coghlan, Welsh and Guest to surrender the title deeds was also dismissed with costs.
“It is ordered that the claimant’s claim the immovable property known as stand number 654 Pomona Township situate in the District of Salisbury measuring 273,2923 hectares held under Deed of Grant 2884/2010 which was placed under attachment in  execution of the order in HC3931/19 be and is hereby dismissed,” reads the High Court ruling by Justice Edith Mushore.
Jah Prayzah advertising the land which was fraudulently acquired.
Grounded, Sheriff of Zimbabwe then sought government endorsement to get a copy of the title deeds from the Registrar of Deeds which they are now using to sell the land.
The company, West Properties has since since ropped in Jah Prayzah and KVG to advertise Pomona City to home-seekers.
KVG advertising Pokugara Proprties which is before the Courts.
Attempts by T&C Construction to warn home-seekers against buying stands at Pomona City by erecting a billboard along Borrowdale road landed them in trouble as they were arrested for criminal nuisance.
The matter is still pending before the courts.
Meanwhile, Jah Prayzah and KVG are also advertising Pokugara Estate which is a subject of conflict between Ken Sharpe and Harare businessman George Katsimberis.
According to sources close to the conflict, Sharpe and Katsimberis entered into a joint venture agreement for the development of Pokugara Estate with former contributing land, the latter bringing in money for development of cluster homes.
The Billboard which was errected along Borrowdale road in Harare.
The deal fell apart after Sharpe reportedly chickened out despite the fact that Katsimberis had invested over a million into the joint venture.
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