New Econet Data Prices Spark Outrage Following Massive Increases

By Staff Reporter
HARARE – Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator Econet Wireless has sparked massive outrage following massive increases in the price of data.
It seems that many people did not take well to the massive hikes in the price of private wi-fi bundles which went up by 30 percent. The has seen the company trending on social media platforms for all the wrong reasons.
Below are the new data prices for Econet’s private wifi bundles.
Data Package Old Price (ZWL$) New Price (ZWL$) Percentage Change
8GB 1560 2030 30.13
15GB 2400 3120 30.00
25GB 3360 4350 29.46
50GB 4800 6240 30.00

The majority of people in the country do not have fibre or ADSL connections at their homes and rely on Econet’s private wifi bundles to access the internet.
Unsurprisingly, many people did not respond well to the new data prices. They accused the telecoms giant of being predatory and of abusing its monopoly in the telecommunications sector to milk struggling citizens.
Others accused Econet of trying to sabotage the government’s introduction of the $50 banknote featuring liberation icon and spirit medium Nehanda Charwe Nyakasikana, popularly known as Mbuya Nehanda.
Some on the other hand accused the company of being heartless as it was hiking its data prices, at a time when the authorities are calling on people to work from home due to a surge in Covid-19 infections and deaths.

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