Biti ‘assault’ trial postponed to next week

By Senior Court Reporter

HARARE – MDC ALLIANCE vice-president Tendai Biti’s trial on allegations of assaulting a controversial Russian woman, which was set to commence today, has been postponed to July 16, 2021 due to unavailability of the trial magistrate Vongai Guwuriro .

Biti appeared before magistrate Stanford Mambanje on allegations that he assaulted controversial Pokugara Proprties Chief Operations Officer, Tatiana Aleshina, after an altercation at the Harare Magistrates Court in November last year year after Aleshina spent over 2 hours in a locked door meeting with state prosecutor namely Mr Zinyandu and Ms Chogumaira.

Presecutor Tafara Chirambira applied for the postponement of the matter on the basis that the trial magistrate is absent.

The charge against Biti, a legislator and vice president of the main opposition  Movement for Democratic Change Alliance, relates to an alleged incident following a court hearing on November 30 2020.

Biti, who is also a qualified lawyer, was involved in litigation, representing a client which is emanating from the famous Harare Airport Road scandal between controversial fugitive from justice Ken Sharpe and businessman Georgios Katsimberis.

Controversial Russian national, Tatiana Aleshina who spent over two hours with state prosecutors and reportedly whispering information to the prosecution constantly.

When he was arrested last year his party said on Twitter that Biti had been detained “on spurious charges”.

“His arrest and persecution are a diversionary tactic by the regime to detract from his expose of the corruptiin of the unfinished Airport road scandal. VP Biti did not assault anyone,” it said.

Biti has previously been charged with treason, among other criminal offences.

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