Norton based tile company denies allegations of abusing employees

By Anyway Yotamu
A Norton-based tiling company Sunny Yi Feng has denied allegations that it has not been giving its employees proper personal protective equipment (PPE), accusing former employees of trying to tarnish the image of the company.
Last week, a photo circulated on social media of one of an employee believed to belong to the Chinese company working in a gas station without the equipment.
Sunny Yi Feng assistant director Terry Taruvenga said it would be careless for the company not to provide PPE for their employees in the midst of a ruthless COVID-19 wave.
“The fact is that our company has provided PPE for different purposes and type of work such as work suits, masks and protective gloves,” he said.
“We have also done tests for all our food handlers and also workers in hazardous areas.”
Taruvenga added that it was unfair for people to spread such rumours based on a single picture of one employee out of the 1 700.
“There was also a picture of our injured employee being carried on a lift just to tarnish our image,” he

Sunny Yi Feng assistant director Terry Taruvenga accompanied by the company’s Public Relations Manager addressing a media conference last week in Norton.
“Another picture circulated about our meals, that raised the issue that the food is poor and prepared under a poor environment.”
Taruvenga said since the incident, the company had put in place first aid kits and wheel chairs for emergencies.
He added: “Our company has a three-shift system with nearly 300 employees and quality and healthy food is provided to each one of them.”
The company was also accused of paying its workers paltry salaries amid other allegations.
“The company’s wage payments are based on suggestions from our National Employment Council,” Taruvenga said.
“Currently, the company’s payroll is a combination of partial cash payment in United States dollars and local currency transfers.”

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