“Shocking” as Tatiana Aleshina claims to have accessed the Lands Commission Report which is yet been made public


Secretary for Justice and Parliamentary Affairs who also served as the Secretary of the Lands Commission, Virginia Mabhiza thrown under the bus after she revealed the contents of the report.
By Senior Court Reporter
HARARE – Controversial Ken Sharpe’s owned Pokugara Properties Chief Operating Officer, Russian national Tatiana Aleshina again in the eye of the storm as she claimed to have accessed the yet to be made public , the Justice Tendai Uchena led Lands Commission Report of 2019 currently in the hands of the President.
According to her sworn opposing affidavit to a High Court challenge to Harare North legislator Norman Markham to reverse the controversial of transfer vast tracts of prime land in Harare’s Pomona surbub to “justice fugitive” Ken Sharpe’s owned Augur Investments’ as payment for the construction of Airport Road which was signed in 2907, Aleshina said during the Supreme Court proceedings she accompanied the Uchena Lands Commission Secretary (Virginia Mabiza) to see the President, despite the fact that the issue was already before the courts.

Controversial” Drama Queen” and Augur Investments Chief Operations Officer ,Tatiana Aleshina.
Secretary for Justice legal and Parliamentary Affairs. She was also the Secretary for the Uchena Lands Commission
During the Supreme Court proceedings and in the spirit of trying to reach a settlement, I accompanied the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government to a meeting with the Head of State during which it was agreed that the parties should try and settle their differences as an out of court settlement,” said Aleshina.
However she did not reveal if during that meeting with the Head of State, other parties were represented.
She also revealed that she visited Mabhiza’s office where she was shown the Uchena commission report before it was handed over to Mnangagwa and she bragged that Augur Investments was not implicated in any improper land dealings.
“Augur Investments went on to write to the Secretary of the Land Commission Ms Virginia Mabhiza advising that the Anti-Corruption Commission had been to see us and enquiring what the issues were. Full disclosure on the land bank was made. The Commission was requested to conduct an enquiry they needed to assist 1st respondent, 2nd respondent and I to clear our names. To date they have not found any wrongdoing with Augur Investments. 1st respondent, 2nd respondent and I are not even implicated in the Uchena land commission report on illegal parcelling of state land,” further said Aleshina.
Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Permanent Secretary who was also Uchena Lands Commission Secretary , Virginia Mabiza.
She also made shocking revelations bordering on interference in matters before the courts as her opposing affidavit revealed a lot of underhand operations some of which threatens state security.
In 2018 President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed a Commission of inquiry to investigate Urban state land country wide led by retired High Court Judge, Justice Tendai Uchena, the Commission handed over it’s findings and recommendations to the President and the findings are yet to be made public.

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